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Our Outpatient Treatment Program Schedule

Health Recovery Center’s six-week outpatient program is designed to permanently return you to sobriety. We offer free initial consultations.

Two women sitting on a couch talking.

Unlike many treatment programs, generally patients will have a great amount of free time between activities. We believe that confinement and social isolation is no way to return an addict to his or her previously healthy lifestyle.

In addition, no activities are scheduled on Sundays. This makes room for ever-important rest, family time, and/or religious obligations.

Below, you will find a rough schedule of a week in the HRC addiction recovery program.

Health Recovery Center Treatment Program Schedule.

Included in HRC’s Recovery Program

  • Six-Week Path to Sobriety (with or without the optional apartment stay)
  • 50 hours of post-graduation aftercare and follow-up provided free-of-charge

We also are covered by a majority of insurance companies. However, we encourage you to call our business office at 800-554-9155 to confirm.

Real People with Real Results

One thousand, Two Hundred and Ninety-Three days I have been sober thanks to HRC.

Best Regards,

- M.H.

I came into this program sick, broken, and much stressed! Hopeless!! I feel very confident in my future knowing I have the tools to live healthy physically and emotionally.


Thank you for your kindness, wisdom, and guidance for J. Especially for the extra effort, it appears to be working as he is sleeping better. He even said he had clarity this morning.

- G