Valium Addiction

Valium Addiction Treatment in Minneapolis

Commonly recommended by doctors to treat any number of anxiety disorders in addition to the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, Valium is a prescription drug. Though, when taken as directed, it can provide relief from symptoms such as undue nervousness, the drug is usually only recommended for short-term use. It also is known to be addictive (as are many psychoactive drugs), and suddenly stopping a prescribed dosage can lead to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms—anything from heightened anxiety symptoms to seizures in those susceptible. Even those who take the drug as directed are not safe from abuse and addiction.

As a Valium rehab center, we see all types of people who find themselves dependent on the drug to function.

Overdosing on Valium produces marked changes in behavior and mood, including euphoric feelings and clumsy movements. Repeated abuse of the drug for more prolonged periods of time can result in heart attacks, memory loss, and hallucinations. Those severely addicted to Valium can even experience personality changes and slip into comatose states upon withdrawal. That being said, one need not demonstrate any of these symptoms to render themselves in need of Valium addiction treatment.

Behaviors that suggest the need for the services of a Valium rehab center include:

  • You’re reading this page. Chances are, if you’ve stumbled upon the website of a valium rehab center, you’re concerned about you or a loved one’s Valium use habits. Regardless of whether you take the drug as prescribed or seek it illicitly off the streets, Valium can become a problem. The drug doesn’t discriminate. If you have even remote concerns about how you’re taking the drug, seek out the attention of a reputable Valium rehab center.
  • You take larger doses than your doctor recommends, or you seek the drug off the street. Taking Valium as prescribed can ease symptoms of anxiety (even if on a molecular level it can’t possibly fix the imbalance that’s causing the anxiety in the first place). If you find yourself taking larger doses than you’ve been prescribed, or if you begin to seek the drug from anywhere besides your pharmacy, you most likely are in need of Valium addiction treatment.
  • You begin to believe you cannot face your problems without Valium to help. Depending on a drug to live a full life is simply no way to live. You are a whole, complete, and able person without the presence of any foreign psychoactive drug running through your system. If your behavior suggests otherwise, a Valium rehab center can help you get back on your feet again.

Find Hope Again with Health Recovery Center and Valium Addiction Treatment

Our mental health and drug addiction treatment facility was founded by Dr. Joan Mathews-Larson. After the suicide of her son following treatment, she began a quest to improve treatment for struggling addicts. Her son had just completed a traditional, 12-step program and still succumbed to his disease; Mathews-Larson knew there had to be a better way.

Orthomolecular medicine proved to be the answer she was looking for. She founded Health Recovery Center with this scientifically proven approach in mind, which uses molecules the brain is familiar with to even out the chemical imbalances caused by addiction and mental illness. Prescription drugs have no place in our Valium addiction treatment program; our approach is all natural and proven to work.

If you’ve been struggling with Valium addiction, you are not alone, and you are not to blame. You suffer from a very real illness that renders you in need of professional help. Give Health Recovery Center of Minneapolis a call now at 800-554-9155 and start down the path to permanent sobriety.

Real People with Real Results

One thousand, Two Hundred and Ninety-Three days I have been sober thanks to HRC.

Best Regards,

- M.H.

I came into this program sick, broken, and much stressed! Hopeless!! I feel very confident in my future knowing I have the tools to live healthy physically and emotionally.


Thank you for your kindness, wisdom, and guidance for J. Especially for the extra effort, it appears to be working as he is sleeping better. He even said he had clarity this morning.

- G