Cost & Financing

Health Recovery Center’s intensive outpatient treatment program typically occurs over a six-week period. There is no charge for the initial appointment to discuss your needs and determine how we may serve you. The chart of HRC’s program structure breaks down specific times for groups, lectures, biochemical one-on-ones, mental health one-on-ones and medical/lab appointments. Post graduation, 50 hours of aftercare is provided. For distant clients, aftercare follow-up by telephone counseling or e-mail may be arranged.

  • Health Recovery Center is open Monday – Saturday
  • Phones are answered 24/7
  • Within the U.S. call 800-554-9155
  • Outside the U.S. call 612-827-7800

Insurance & Payment Options

Most health insurance companies cover treatment at Health Recovery Center. However, we encourage you to speak to our business office before talking to your health insurance provider. We can provide helpful insight into navigating the process. Call us at 800-554-9155 or 612-827-7800.

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Real People with Real Results

One thousand, Two Hundred and Ninety-Three days I have been sober thanks to HRC.

Best Regards,

- M.H.

I came into this program sick, broken, and much stressed! Hopeless!! I feel very confident in my future knowing I have the tools to live healthy physically and emotionally.


Thank you for your kindness, wisdom, and guidance for J. Especially for the extra effort, it appears to be working as he is sleeping better. He even said he had clarity this morning.

- G