Alcohol and Addiction Treatment 101:

My awakening to this phenomenon came about slowly from working and observing clients over many years at Health Recovery Center, a clinic dedicated to the treatment of alcoholism, addictions and mental illnesses.

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Solving America’s Healthcare Problems at the Source

The ever-rising expense of healthcare has brought with it a new level of socialization in the United States. The Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as “Obama Care” continues to draw strong criticism.

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Calming Anxiety Without Drugs: Pyroluria

A recent blog titled “Anxiety, Benzodiazepines and Addictions” suggests anxiety may result from a variety of molecular imbalances affecting the brain.

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How to Calm Anxiety Without Drugs: Hypoglycemia

As I alluded to in earlier writings, anxiety is a biochemical problem, resulting from various molecular imbalances affecting the brain; furthermore, the underlying problem is never based on a shortage of pharmaceutical drugs.

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Treatment Philosophies: Psychotherapy vs Orthomolecular Part 2

Orthomolecular medicine is defined as establishing the right molecules in the brain and body by varying the concentration of substances normally present and required for optimum health,” or as Dr. Joan Mathews-Larson likes to say, “Use Ford parts to fix a Ford, and the real chemicals life runs on to fix people.”

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Treatment Philosophy: Psychotherapy vs Orthomolecular

If you are searching for a treatment program to help recover from an addiction, or to address a mental condition such as depression or anxiety, you are probably finding a great many psychological-based programs.

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Treating Depression Without Medication

Depression is a pervasive problem in the modern world, and there are vast reasons for it. Certainly, situational experiences may bring on depression: the loss of a loved one, or a job, or any one of a thousand little let-downs life hands you.

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Identifying the Signs of Alcoholism and Addiction

Determining an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs is particularly difficult for the addict. After all, to accept a positive conclusion puts the onus of stopping on the addict.

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Why Do Treated Alcoholics Relapse?

When it comes to relapse from alcoholism, very little progress has been made since the whole idea of treatment began. In fact, relapse is more likely to occur today than 20 years ago and we can thank Big Pharma for that.

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Drugs, Alcohol and Violence

Understanding why people turn to alcohol and drugs provides insight into the phenomenon of escalating violence we are seeing today. We are, first and foremost, chemical beings. Our biochemistry is a temple of substances that guide life and orchestrate our behavior.

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Real People with Real Results

One thousand, Two Hundred and Ninety-Three days I have been sober thanks to HRC.

Best Regards,

- M.H.

I came into this program sick, broken, and much stressed! Hopeless!! I feel very confident in my future knowing I have the tools to live healthy physically and emotionally.


Thank you for your kindness, wisdom, and guidance for J. Especially for the extra effort, it appears to be working as he is sleeping better. He even said he had clarity this morning.

- G