Money’s tight these days—for the alcohol addict struggling to seek the help of a treatment center, even more so. Said addict has probably spent a huge amount on their substance(s) of choice and could have even landed themselves in huge financial trouble keeping themselves afloat while in the clutches of their disease. Upon hearing the cost of some alcohol addiction treatment programs, some people are understandably deterred.

If you’re in this boat—you’re reluctant to seek treatment for financial reasons—rest assured that this will be your last moment of hesitation. Health Recovery Center is here with a reminder of why recovery is worth it from a financial standpoint, as well as to help you explore your options.

You Can’t Put a Price on Joy

If you’ve gotten to the point that you’re ready to attend a program for alcohol abuse treatment, you’ve no doubt realized the negative impact alcohol has had on your life. Maybe you’ve realized that continuing to drink in such a way will ultimately rob you of joy. Your drinking has probably already robbed you of the things that bring you that emotion: your hobbies, your passions, your relationships with loved ones, perhaps even your religious practices. Growing beyond your drinking so that you can experience happiness again, and rebalancing your brain to enable you to do so—aren’t those worth every penny?

Of course, as worth it as recovery might be, you still need to think practically about it. If you’re short on funds, here are some places you might be able to find them.

●        Loans | For those with decent enough credit, personal loans can mean the difference between a lifetime of addiction or sobriety. These loans tend to come with low-interest rates, which makes them an appealing option for many.

●        Crowdfunding platforms | Reputable websites exist that provide struggling addicts with the connections and financial opportunities they need to fund their recovery. Just do your research beforehand to make sure that you aren’t getting scammed. Read the fine print!

●        Extended family | Do you have any relatives who you are in good standing with? Calling them up and explaining your situation might garner you much needed financial support—not to mention a much-needed ally.

Contact Health Recovery Center for a Personalized and Comprehensive Alcohol Treatment Program

No matter if you’re struggling with wine addiction or alcoholism of another type, you deserve sobriety, and you deserve the orthomolecular medical care that helps you to get there. Give Health Recovery Center a call now at 800-554-9155.