While for a healthy individual, a bit of wine now and again can be good for one’s health, the drink has a hidden dark side. When drinking becomes acceptable, wine consumption can quickly turn into a dangerous habit. Excessive and regular wine consumption is alcoholism, plain and simple. In this case, wine is simply an alcoholic’s drink of choice.

Yet that there are shirts sold online with slogans that hold wine drinking aloft. It’s unabashedly unhealthy to glorify drinking in this way. These stores are setting those at risk of wine abuse up for wine addiction. But why can it be so socially acceptable to be a wine alcoholic?

Much of it Could Be Social Context

Wine is often seen as a “high-class” drink; many people break out the bottles at special events, and it tends to be quite expensive. In contrast, beer and hard alcohol tend to be cheaper and more readily accessible. Perhaps it is wine’s reputation that lends many people to trivialize its ability to cause addiction. How could such a luxurious drink, one often viewed as a “treat,” cause so many problems?

Another theory, albeit one that doesn’t explain its own origin, is that the culture of wine addiction perpetuates itself. When the alcoholic turns to wine to get their fix, they find that the prevailing attitude toward wine consumption is one of personalized goblets and novelty socks—that is, the trivialization of their problems. Perhaps, then, this leads them to adopt a similar joking air about said problems, a joking air which can arguably be absent in other sectors of alcoholism. For example, while the twenty-something college student’s beer problem is often ignored, wine addiction is actively made light of. This could lead to the alcoholic who prefers wine to not even see their drinking as an issue, but rather a character quirk or just “something that everyone does.”

If You Are a Wine Alcoholic, You Deserve Help

Regardless of the type of alcoholism you struggle with, you deserve a treatment that works, and that treatment must come in the form of chemically rebalancing your ailing brain. Traditional treatment centers fail to address this aspect of recovery, using dubiously-effective prescription drugs and sending the alcoholic into a cycle of relapse and temporary sobriety.

Through an evidence-based and orthomolecular approach, in addition to education and therapy, Health Recovery Center strives to bring you lasting and permanent relief from your cravings, no matter what type of alcoholism you struggle with. Let us help you regain control of yourself and your life again; give our Minneapolis location a call at 800-554-9155.