If you’re a recovered or recovering alcoholic who has attended conventional treatment centers, you very well might find it hard to hold onto sobriety with everything that has been happening globally. From a mysterious pandemic to growing social unrest in the United States, it can seem like there’s something stressful every time you turn to the news. While people without a history of alcoholism might be able to weather these stressors without so much as a foul mood, those who have undergone traditional alcohol addiction treatment can find their entire world upended. Their sobriety begins to shake, and drinking becomes more and more of an appealing coping option.

We at Health Recovery Center are here to help you. As a provider of orthomolecular alcohol treatment, we promise lasting and permanent sobriety through a scientifically-backed, nutrition-based approach. By rebalancing and repairing a chemically ailing brain, we can bring you health in areas where traditional alcohol treatment programs consistently fail. Should you find your sobriety slipping, visit our Minneapolis center to get the help you deserve.

Of course, various self-care tactics are also integral to your recovery, especially during times of stress. We discuss a few of these below.

First Thing’s First: Watch Your Media Consumption

Though it can be tempting to scroll on your phone for hours and stare in horror at the worsening headlines, you must take care of yourself first. If you haven’t yet chemically rebalanced your brain with an orthomolecular approach to treatment, excessive stress can cause a relapse in your unhealthy habits. Monitor how much you read the news and consume social media, and take note of which apps tend to make you feel worse after you use them.

In addition to this, to keep yourself healthy, you must:

●        Keep up a solid exercise regime | Of course, this is useful for everyone, not just those with alcohol problems! Exercise is a wonderful stress-reliever—and we’ve already spoken of the detrimental effects of stress.

●        Make time for things you enjoy | Be it via a warm bath each day, a hobby, or time with the ones you love, be sure to send the message to yourself that you’re important. Doing so is essential to boosting your resilience.

●        Get enough sleep | As almost anyone can attest to, we’re all a little more on-edge when we’re sleep-deprived. Create a sleep routine that leaves you feeling calm at night and refreshed in the morning. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Ready for Sobriety? Health Recovery Center is Here to Help

Should you stumble, there are resources available to you—resources that won’t send you into another relapse months down the road. When you’re ready for sobriety that lasts, give Health Recovery Center a call at 800-554-9155.