Realizing that they need alcohol addiction treatment is one of the most pivotal steps in a struggling addict’s recovery process. But even once an alcoholic has committed to treatment, recovering with an unbalanced, addicted brain is incredibly difficult to do alone, which is why so many struggling individuals turn to alcohol treatment centers to help them along in their journey. Along with receiving professional medical help, patients in recovery can surround themselves with a kind, understanding network of support that collectively helps them reach their recovery goals.

Because alcoholism is such a serious, life-changing problem, the choice of alcohol treatment program is of the utmost importance. Nobody wants to pay for more than one treatment center, or go through the rollercoaster of relapsing and getting sober. If you or a loved one is looking for the best treatment available, our team of competent, well-trained professionals are here to give you the resources and treatments you need to regain control of your life.

At Health Recovery Center in Minneapolis, we treat everything from wine addiction to beer alcoholism, using individualized approaches to create treatment that works. We spare no effort to go above and beyond traditional alcoholism treatment programs. Read on to learn how we do things differently.

We Believe Relapse Shouldn’t Be Part of Recovery

Many alcoholism treatment centers speak of relapse post-treatment as if it’s a normal part of the recovery process, but at Health Recovery Center, we disagree. You’ve already endured so much hardship at the hands of alcohol; You deserve to get the drug out of your life for good. Our revolutionary approach to alcoholism treatment ensures a high post-graduation sobriety rate, and that approach includes:

●        Individualized labs. Alcoholism (and drug addiction in general) is a disease of the brain, and all brains are built differently. Through laboratory testing, we determine the exact supplements your chemically unbalanced brain will need to heal, instead of cramming all struggling addicts into the same box.

●        Group therapy sessions. Learn about your ailing brain and how to make choices to better speed along your recovery. While alcoholism is a result of neurological chemical imbalances, educating oneself about one’s condition allows that person to take a more active role in their healing process.

●        Freedom. You have a life outside of your alcoholism, and acknowledging that is a crucial part of recovery. Sundays are completely free days in our 6-week outpatient recovery program, a fact which allows you to pursue your faith or personal hobbies.

Health Recovery Center Offers a Path to Recovery

We’re ready to help you find joy in your life again. For alcoholism treatment that’s backed by science and a loving, hardworking support team, give us a call at 800-554-9155.