If your loved one has recently been checked into an alcohol treatment center, your world has probably been turned upside down. For one, you’re worried for them and their progress, and whether they’ll come out of their alcohol treatment program on the road to permanent sobriety. Even if you’ve partnered with a top-of-the-line facility with a scientifically-backed approach like Health Recovery Center, and even if you completely trust the medical professionals who care for your loved one, it’s understandable to still feel a bit of anxiety.

Alcoholism is a serious disease. Your concern for your loved one is most likely coming from your understanding of this. You might feel confused about how you can help or concerned that you might only make things worse. While alcohol abuse treatment from certified professionals is the best strategy to help your loved one heal, there are still ways that you, as somebody close to a struggling addict, can play a role in their support network. Read on to discover how.

Health Recovery Center Provides Opportunities to Foster a Support Network for Our Clients

Quality alcohol abuse treatment is never a solitary affair. Anyone in recovery from such a serious affliction needs the love of close family and friends, just as a person would while in recovery from any other disease. Your participation in the healing process makes it both effective and fulfilling for whomever is undergoing it, and we at Health Recovery Center provide plenty of avenues for you to show your support.

●        Come visit your loved one on Family Day. On Thursdays, Health Recovery Center opens its doors to the families of those in our six-week outpatient program. Come spend time with your loved one in recovery and learn about their condition via our educational lectures and films.

●        Spend one-on-one time with your loved one on the weekends. We understand that, for those who work long hours, visiting on a weekday might not be accessible. Luckily, because our program is outpatient and because our weekend schedule is left relatively open, you’ll have plenty of time to stay connected with your loved one. Talk about anything and everything. Let them know that, despite their struggles, you’re still there for them.

●        Remember to take care of yourself during this time, too. At Health Recovery Center, we know that recovery is a community effort. We’ll offer helpful tips for taking care of yourself and maintaining a healthy relationship with your loved one during our Family Group session on Thursdays.

Seek Out Alcohol Addiction Treatment You Can Actively Participate In

Take a stand against the disease that has torn apart your loved one’s life. Health Recovery Center is ready to provide them with the care they deserve, and the resources you need to lend a helping hand. Give our Minneapolis office a call now at 800-554-9155.