Alcoholism. If your family is lucky enough to never have been touched by its influence, you most likely have at least heard of this affliction. Perhaps you’re aware that, in simple terms, alcoholism is an addiction to alcohol, but it’s much more than that. Alcoholism can divide families, rob parents of their children, and completely take over an individual’s life. No wonder such a large industry has risen up around alcohol addiction treatment; it is a very real, very dangerous nationwide problem.

What many treatment centers fail to understand completely is alcoholism’s true nature as a disease and chemical imbalance of the brain. Some alcohol treatment programs place direct fault on the addict’s character for their problem, dubbing alcoholism a moral failing or something to a similar effect. Perhaps this is the cause of such high relapse rates when it comes to these programs, or maybe it is their failing to address the biochemical issue that caused the brain to rely on a substance to balance itself in the first place.

At Health Recovery Center of Minneapolis, we do things differently. Our alcohol abuse treatment program can bring you permanent sobriety via the chemical rebalancing of your brain. We refuse to accept relapse as part of the process, and instead promise you real, lasting results. Keep reading to learn exactly how we do things differently from traditional treatment centers.

Alcoholism is the Problem, Biochemical Repair is the Solution

Our facility operates on the principles of orthomolecular medicine. This branch of practice declares that the brain is designed to best process naturally-occurring molecules and chemicals. Addiction and alcoholism can be the results of deficiencies or excesses of these naturally-occurring chemicals, which drive the afflicted to drink or use drugs to rebalance their brains. Biochemical repair is the name of our treatment process. It aims to provide the brain with the correct doses of the substances it is designed to process, which effectively promotes sobriety.

Our approach differs from traditional alcohol treatment programs in that it is:

●        All-natural. We never rely on synthetic prescription drugs to fix an off-kilter brain. Natural substances, which the brain can easily process on a molecular level, are a more effective solution.

●        Personalized. With our laboratory testing, we’re able to pinpoint your individual deficiencies and excesses, tailoring our treatment plans to your body’s unique chemistry.

●        Effective. With a personalized, all-natural treatment program, our clients’ abstinence rates far exceed that of our competition.

What are you waiting for? If alcoholism has begun to take over your life, it’s time to seek understanding and effective help. Let’s put relapse in the past. Call Health Recovery Center now at 800-554-9155.