For someone in mental health recovery, there’s nothing more disheartening than an unsupportive family. Whether that family is judgemental of one’s symptoms, the recovery process, or simply the label of “mentally ill” in general, it can make certain parts of mental health rehab all the harder to take. After all, we all need someone to rely on. Nobody can do life alone. If one’s family isn’t behind them when they’re recovering from a mental illness, what’s supposed to be a reservoir of unconditional love and support becomes the polar opposite: toxic, demeaning, and hurtful.

While dealing with a judgemental family can be extremely detrimental to the healing process, there are ways to weather the storm. Health Recovery Center, a Minneapolis substance abuse treatment center and mental health treatment center, discusses how to deal with family who refuses to understand or accept mental illness below.

Your Health Comes First

As someone with a mental illness, day-to-day life with your condition is draining enough. You have enough to deal with without arguing constantly with family members who insist your struggles aren’t valid, or that your very real disease of the brain doesn’t exist. If convincing your family that you are ill becomes an exercise in frustration, it might just be best to let the argument lie while continuing on with your treatment as recommended.

Of course, such a large disagreement can very easily cause a rift between you and your family. What can you do to maintain your emotional health during a time like this?

●        Find a support group | There are people out there who see your struggles. If you haven’t already, find a local support group for those in a similar situation as you. You need people to vent to and provide you with solutions during such complicated, trying times.

●        Continue with your treatment | As you seek to rebalance your brain on a biochemical level via orthomolecular medicine, your symptoms will drastically improve, but that doesn’t mean an unsupportive family doesn’t hurt. For the sake of your emotional stability, be sure to continue any treatment you are currently undergoing, as dealing simultaneously with both an unchecked mental illness and an unsupportive family can often be too much to bear.

●        Know that your struggles are real | Mental illness is just that: an illness. It’s a chemical imbalance of the brain, and you should not be personally blamed for your struggles.

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