If you’ve begun to click around our website, perhaps looking for answers on how to stop drinking beer, or perhaps knowing you’re in need of a treatment center, you may have noticed we talk a bit about our approach being different from the rest. If you’re a veteran of drug rehab or alcohol addiction treatment, you may not believe us for a second. We don’t blame you! The traditional treatment centers you’ve attended, despite their good intentions, have failed to heal you. You’re struggling with relapse, stuck in a horrible cycle of use and guilt, and probably feeling quite jaded.

However, we at Health Recovery Center ask you to give recovery one more go. We’re different. Believe us when we say that what we do gets results in the form of permanent sobriety. No more relapsing.

Below we discuss our approach to addiction treatment and what sets us apart from traditional programs—that is, what exactly it is we do that has the power to heal.

Our Approach Explained

At Health Recovery Center, we’re firm believers in the effectiveness of orthomolecular medicine. Postulated by a two-time Nobel Laureate, the theory dictates that all human brains have certain levels of naturally occuring chemicals in them, and that maintaining these levels is a crucial part of maintaining one’s health.

A normal level of certain naturally occurring chemicals in the brain, we believe, leads to a lucid, non-addicted state. People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol have often turned to these substances to restore balance to a brain that is starved of certain nutrients, or that is struggling to cope with an excess of others.

Certain mental illnesses (though these may also be caused by trauma or life events) can also be reflective of an underlying nutritional deficiency or an excess of a certain molecule in the brain. Trying to treat these excesses or deficiencies with psychoactive compounds (prescription drugs, such as SSRIs) that are not native to the brain is a recipe for continued frustration, at best, and addiction, at worst. Even if these drugs can manage symptoms in some cases, they put a metaphorical bandage on the problem and do not truly fix the true cause: a starving or overloaded brain.

Our treatment programs at Health Recovery Center focus on restoring balance to your brain on a molecular level, a process we call biochemical repair. We treat the true cause of your ailment, not the symptoms, and as a result, we can bring you permanent and lasting relief or sobriety.

If You Seek Permanent Relief, Contact Us Today

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