Addiction can come in many forms. It is defined as a 'physical and psychological dependence on a substance or practice beyond one’s voluntary control.'  The question is, however, what does addiction look like and how can I tell if I am addicted? Just like in our treatment, we do not believe there is a complete one-size-fits-all for recognizing addiction. However, there are commonalities in behaviour that most addicts share. 


 5 Signs You Might Be an Addict



Are you making excuses for the need to use? Rationalizing and feeling the need to use in order to relax, unwind, or cope with the stress of life is a common behaviour among addicts. Using a substance beyond one’s voluntary control is the same as feeling the need to use it.


Taking Risks

Are you taking risks to satisfy your craving? Using in dangerous situations like driving a vehicle or operating machinery could be signs of risky behavior. Excessive Use

This might seem like an obvious sign, but are you using a substance a lot? Have you used to the point of self-destruction: job loss, or health issues? When using takes precedence over friends, loved-ones, work, school, or health it may have become excessive.



Are you trying to hide how much you are actually using?  Do you find yourself going to great lengths to disclose that you use? Hiding your use is an indication that you maybe losing voluntary control.


Relationship Problems

Marital collapse and relationship problems are often a consequence of a chronic chemical addiction. Often addicts experience problems within a relationship as a result of their substance use or because of other problems that have arisen due to their using.

These signs are by no means a definitive diagnosis of addiction. However, if you find yourself with more than one of these signs in your behavior consider consulting someone about your substance use.