"I Don't Need Religion, Thank You.” Is what I hear from many HRC clients when I inquire about spiritual needs. I tell them that spirituality is not necessarily religious belief. It is an awareness of a center within that sustains us and gives us the strength to conquer our insecurities.

AA members describe this spirituality as "God as you have come to know Him." To some, this may be limited to communing with nature in a woodsy setting; to others, it is an awareness of an inner core--"God," if you will-that defines us and, despite our frailties, enables us to perceive our true natures. It is no accident that most HRC clients who proclaim at the outset that they have no spirituality find that by Week Six they have stirred the ashes of their deeper selves. My personal belief is that the physical and emotional damage alcoholism causes pulls down all sorts of wires in the mind, making communication with our higher selves impossible. With healing (bio-chemical repair), the wires are repaired and the signals again transmit.


Looking For Spiritual Direction During Addiction Treatment?

It would be foolhardy for me to give you more than general directions toward spiritual nourishment. In this respect, each of us follows an individual path. But I can pass along strategies for building spiritual health that HRC clients have chosen for themselves:

  • Setting aside time for daily meditation
  • Reading inspirational books
  • Seeking a friendly faith community
  • Attending religious services
  • Taking time off for a retreat in a peaceful setting
  • Forgiving others, sharing love with others


While HRC is not a faith based treatment center we do recognize the need for spirituality while you are in recovery. Programs like AA have faith based guidelines and are based on ‘talk-therapy’. While popular these methods are not as effective as we have found our own treatment philosophy to be. We believe in holistically treating addiction and not ignoring the fact that addiction is a physical problem.