It’s not unusual for treatment centers to see a dip in their client populations during the holiday season. I suspect this happens because many hard-core drinkers see the holidays as a last chance societal-sanctioned reason to imbibe. Unfortunately hard-drinking holiday festivities sometimes set the stage for damaging consequences. Job loss, marital collapse, chronic health consequences, and DWI’s all manifest from the erratic behavior of a brain made toxic by the very powerful chemical of alcohol.

For those of us still here in 2016, the New Year’s resolutions are kicking in. For most alcoholics, striving to realize their most sincere self-improvement promises to stay abstinent boils down to sheer willpower. In the short term many can handle it, but eventually the agony of abstinence wins out, and the old ways return. Frustrated, some will seek professional help from experts in the treatment industry. The wiser ones, however, won’t go that way; they already know treatment is just the same thing: willpower-based abstinence, with a therapist offering moral support, and/or a counselor chanting the 12-steps. I say save your money.

But before you fall/jump off the wagon and call it quits, consider one other option.

  • A place where the brain is quickly stabilized with an abundant supply of the real chemicals it needs to stop cravings.
  • A place that can address the many uncomfortable mental states that result from the unbalanced biochemistry of an addiction.
  • A place where labs tests are used to identify real biochemical anomalies by measuring levels of key chemicals and then…
  • … corrects biochemical imbalances to stabilize the true underlying cause(s) driving the addiction
  • An alternative to conventional 12-step programs
  • A place that does not load clients up with psychiatric drugs to mask symptoms
  • A place that combines biochemical repair with therapy A place with a program that:
    • Offers physical repair, especially to the brain and central nervous system
    • Restores the immune system and memory
    • Stabilizes glucose metabolism
    • Rebuilds adequate adrenal stamina, etc.


Health Recovery Center is that place. As the original pioneering orthomolecular treatment center for addictions, HRC offers alcoholics and drug users a chance for a life changing experience. An authentic way to stop using, stop cravings, lift depression, and stop anxiety and uncomfortable mood swings, without using mind-altering psychiatric drugs. This year make your New Years resolutions come true. Take back your health. Find wellbeing and take back your life.

Good Health.