After hundreds of millions of years, the human brain has developed to a point where we can start to make sense out of our own cognitions. Our thoughts, our feelings, our memories, indeed, our very personalities are shaped by the balance of physical substances that comprise our biochemistry. This knowledge holds the potential for tremendous good; and yet, the lure of profits has sent drugs companies and others of their ilk on a campaign of undermining the natural order of life so they may profit from inferior imitations. That’s what drugs are, inferior imitations of Nature’s authentic life supporting chemicals.

Many clients come to Health Recovery Center harmed by drugs. What so often goes unrecognized by our clients, and the doctors who treat them is the degree of damage toximolecular drugs do to the brain, and the great depletion of life sustaining chemicals they cause. The balance of the biochemistry is a delicate matter. Finding the ideal solution can be complex when each nutrient has so many tasks to perform in conjunction with others. Keep in mind, all nutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, enzymes, etc. act synergistically (i.e., they do not work independently of each other). They must work as a team, and in proper amounts to produce the optimal desired effect.

So what does this mean to our quality of life? If we are willing to take charge of our own health, nutrients can determine how we experience life—a very empowering thought. So now, after the Health Recovery Center experience, we can no longer plead ignorance. We must go forward with the realization that our dependence on these life-giving substances is a serious matter. It requires vigilance and self-responsibility. We have caught up with that old 18th century scientist, Francis Bacon, who observed, “We control Nature by obeying her.” To be healthy, and to feel good about the way we experience life, it is now our responsibility to live by those words and make it happen.