If ever there was a recipe for anxious, unstable moods, the American Junk food diet is it! Do we seriously believe we can scavenge enough from fast food, and foods in boxes and cans to function optimally? Most Americans keep their cars loaded with gas, but their brains are limping along, devoid of steady supply of nutrients and glucose fuel.

Blame the US food industry; blame the carbohydrate craze that convinced us a fruit bar and cola is a sane breakfast; blame the food giants that entice children with their sugar sweetened “play” food; blame today’s lifestyle, which dictates “instant meals out of boxes or from fast-food windows or pizza parlors. Blame the all-American custom of delivering “energy” through sugared colas or candy bars when our weary brains want fuel.

This Low-Nutrient Junk Food Lifestyle Guarantees A Twofold Disaster

  1. Tons of scientific studies prove that anxiety will occur when you wipe out certain vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids from your body.
  2. The more sugar and simple carbohydrates you eat, the more insulin is released, creating hypoglycemic episodes of low brain fuel (glucose). Anxiety attacks frequently accompany such brain deprivation. Don’t believe that low blood sugar only causes hunger and fatigue. Take a look at research done by Dr. Stephen Gyland’s on one thousand hypoglycemics. Commonly occurring symptoms are:
    • nervousness, 94 percent
    • cold sweats and tremors, 86 percent
    • unprovoked anxiety and constant worrying, 62 percent
    • Rapid pulse and internal trembling, 57 percent
    • Pounding heart, 54 percent
    • Panic and shortness of breath, 37 percent


It’s obvious that diet has a huge impact on the level of anxiety you experience! If you see yourself participating in a sugar-laden lifestyle it might be time to evaluate and change your habits. If you think you might be hypoglycemic, then maybe it is time to take a glucose tolerance test to find out once and for all if you have hypoglycemia. If do you decided to change your diet expect your transition to stable health and emotions to take from one to three weeks.


Be Patient: The Rewards Are Enormous!

In spite of Dr Joan-Mathews Larson’s astute observations, millions of Americans continue to disregard the consequences of sugar and junk food diets. Throughout Dr. Joan’s years of leadership at Health Recovery Center, testing and correcting fluctuating blood sugar levels has always been a crucial step in stabilizing the brain and restoring sanity. Furthermore, the overwhelming number of glucose distortions identified among HRC’s tested population has convinced me that the real gateway drug, stimulating America’s ferocious appetite for alcohol and drugs, is sugar. Unfortunately, sugar is not recognized as a drug by insurance companies, and since HRC is licensed as a chemical addiction treatment center, people who want a program that focuses on the underlying causes of their anxiety and mental health problems must pay out of pocket to get it. Nevertheless, to my mind, a toxic foreign substance acting on the brain is a drug, and sugar qualifies in this respect.

It’s a sad reflection on the healthcare industry in its failure to grasp the idea of sugar’s relationship with drugs. Most addiction treatment programs even promote the use of sugar as a way to combat cravings for alcohol. Is it any wonder that the official excuse for their dismal performance provides the aphorism that “relapse is part of the treatment process.”

Stabilizing alcohol cravings by identifying and treating blood sugar fluctuations illustrates just one of the many distinctions that separates Health Recovery Center from other psycho/spiritual based, “12-step clones” in the treatment industry. The approach other programs use for treating anxiety co-occurring with addictions is talk therapy with anti-anxiety drugs, most deplorably the benzodiazepines. In other words talk and drugs, neither of which have any effect on correcting the underlying cause of anxiety. The long-term result of treating effects rather than cause is ongoing relapse with an intensifying progression of mental health symptoms. Don’t sacrifice your sanity to ridiculous and deadly symptom-based treatments being promoted for the benefit of Big Pharma’s profits. Come to Health Recovery Center and get well.