People seeking treatment for alcoholism are never told the US government figures for outcomes: 80 percent of treated alcoholics return to drinking less than one year after completing a traditional treatment program. Keep in mind 95 percent of the alcohol treatment programs operating today are traditional 12-step psycho/spiritual or psychological-based “clones” offering no biochemical repair.

These government figures are even more depressing when you factor in the assortment of pharmaceutical drugs most treatment programs prescribe to address co-occurring mental health problems like depression and anxiety. The “treated” alcoholic’s poor brain never has a chance to stabilize and recover. Relapse is almost guaranteed.

Knowing this, the industry has come up a with a new slogan: “Relapse is part of the treatment process.” Not only does this warn alcoholics in treatment to prepare for failure, it’s a shrouded way for the clones to save face without frankly acknowledging that what they do –talk– is useless in stabilizing biochemical imbalances. How long do you think a mechanic would last if his slogan was “breakdowns are part of the repair process?” Anyway, it’s perplexing to understand how the clones survive. But they do, which means more alcoholics will die from their disease than ever recover … but it doesn’t have to be that way.

An industry maverick, the Health Recovery Center in Minneapolis offers a one-of-a-kind orthomolecular program that combines intensive biomedical labs with therapy to repair the brain, thus eliminating the need to poison people with more drugs.

Health Recovery Center understands the biochemical connection to alcoholism. The director Joan Mathews-Larson even wrote the book on it: Alcoholism: The Biochemical Connection. Now in paperback the book became a best seller under the title 7 Weeks to Sobriety. Health Recovery Center’s orthomolecular program for addictions takes the momentary flickers of relief addicts seek through alcohol and drugs and exchanges them for lasting wellness, maintained through a balanced chemistry. Their proven strategies for biochemical repair mean:

  • Cravings will stop
  • Depression and anxiousness will end
  • Mood swings will stabilize


Sound too good to be true? For the industry clones, absolutely, but for the world’s first orthomolecular treatment center … well it’s what they’ve been doing over 35 years!