After losing my 17-year-old son to suicide immediately following his stay in a month long 12-step treatment program, I feel compelled to share the answers I finally found (too late for Robby) after years of searching for “Why treatment failed him?”


Traditional Alcoholism Treatment Isn't Working

  1. Our U.S. Government says more than 90 percent of all treated alcoholics have returned to drinking less than a year after treatment.1
  2. One-out-of-four treated alcoholics commit suicide, usually within the first year after treatment.2
  3. Although alcoholism is treated as a character flaw, or psychological weakness requiring therapy to recover, science has known for years that “alcoholism is a disease … genetically determined … clearly progressive, and ultimately fatal.”3 


Biochemical Repair for a Physical Disease

It is a waste of time to talk to the brain in hopes it will reverse its biochemical errors. Our brains run on chemicals, not good advice. The markers of the alcoholic brain are not the result of bad advice, they are genetically determined.

My growing awareness of the physical, genetic underpinnings revealed a solution, more beneficial than just talking about the addiction. The solution requires restoring alcoholics’ biochemistry, especially replacing generous amounts of the real chemicals from the blueprint of life that all humans run on. 

Yet, in spite of scientific data, the only programs operating were 12-step programs (entirely talk therapy) that failed to address what causes addiction. So our early years were experimental and very rewarding. We quickly saw cravings stop. Depression and anxiousness disappeared. Lab testing revealed underlying causes for addiction in the biochemistry that could be corrected biochemically. Wildly addicted clients mellowed out, stabilized, and rose from the ashes with no more cravings.


The Success of Orthomolecular Medicine

Now it’s been 36 years since I founded Health Recovery Center and we have become highly capable of rescuing humans from addictions. Our alcoholism recovery rates after the first year have always attained over 90% stable and abstinent. After three-and-a-half years, 74% are still abstinent and recovered! Yet, this 12-step obsession, with their disgraceful 5-10% abstinence, a year after treatment, will NOT stop doing what doesn’t work. 

As a mother whose heart still yearns for her darling teenage son, I care about all of you who have loved ones out there. I invite you to connect with the healing success you deserve to enjoy. Send us a message or call us at 800-554-9155. We welcome you.

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