J’s rebuttal to the article 'Orthomolecular Medicine, too Logical to Fade, too Unprofitable to Promote.'

Comment :

This article is silly because its pitting treatment models against each other instead of aligning them! I am an active member of a 12 step group and I also use supplements to balance my bio chemistry. It silly holding a grudge against a a so called 12 step treatment centre and claiming its ineffective when it works for me and my fellows.... I ended up in jail for 3 years when i got sober and had no nutritional support. It was %#@$!^* hard but i managed due to the 12 steps and a higher power so stop bad mouthing a successful treatment program and start bringing the two together!

Joan’s reply to J:


Hello J,

Thank you for your comments on our blog. I think we both are looking at what works for treatment, but many are not understanding the easiest way with the least suffering to get and stay sober is to understand the true nature of alcoholism. Since science designates alcoholism as physical in origin, we need to realize we can quickly turn off the cravings by correcting the hypoglycemia and the myriad of food allergies that turn on alcohol cravings in this kind of chemistry.

Being a physical disease and genetic in nature, these problems turn around rapidly when treated as such. Trying to “talk away” alcoholism with a higher power and 12-steps ignores its true nature, which is that this is a physical disease. It wants to and will kill many alcoholics. Sure, it’s nice that you can fall back on an old-time religion for “strength,” however, most alcoholics, (95%) according to the US Government, fail to recover with only good thoughts and spiritual inspiration as the primary weapon to combat this physical condition. Even you commented “it was %#@$!^* hard.”

Believe me, if psychological treatment is your only method to recover it will be a miserable ordeal, because you failed to understand that true recovery demands that physical repair takes place.

What you call “nutritional support” I call biochemical repair … meaning restoring the very blueprint of life back to normal by turning off the underlying hypoglycemic cravings, and lifting the underlying causes of your depression and anxiety once and for all. You may want to add praying to a higher power, and working the 12-steps, or an old-time religion, but 74% of HRC’s long-term –3 1/2 year follow-ups– recovered nicely by simply correcting the chemistry that caused the cravings and unstable brain/body chemistry.

What I am saying is it is a good thing to define cause so you can fix it and recover. Any spiritual/ religious support may feel good, but it is overwhelmingly NOT a missing piece to recovery. If it were, our US government would not tell you that 12-step treatment has a 90% relapse rate over the first year, after treatment. This is not success!

p.s., on a personal note.

Many follow-up studies and research papers I found after my son went to 12-step treatment and then committed suicide are in my book Seven Weeks To Sobriety, a national best seller for Random House and available in bookstores and on amazon.com

I look forward to your comments.

Joan Mathews-Larson