So you’re thinking about getting treatment for alcoholism and/or an addiction? Then begin by asking yourself one important question: how many times do you want to do it?

How many years do you want to sit in a group, talking with strangers about all the miserable mistakes you racked up while you were using, and of course, reciprocating by listening to all the miserable experiences other addicts have had because of their unquenchable appetite for drugs and alcohol. 

If wasting many years of your life reliving this scene sounds okay, you’ll find many programs to choose from. Basically they’re all the same –talk–, but be forewarned, nobody gets well. The last time an addiction was resolved by talking was, well, never.

Therapy-based programs don’t care; failure is the client’s fault, not theirs. “You all come back now, ya hear.” So if perpetual revolving door treatment is what you’re looking for; go ahead, pick a program, get in a group with a licensed psycho-therapist, and let the years roll by. 

On the other hand, if you want your experience with alcohol/addiction treatment to be short and meaningful; if you want to stabilize, get well, and stay well, you’ll need to find someone who understands the authentic cause of alcoholism and addictions. Someone who understands the difference between psychological effects (most programs dwell on for years) and the biochemical distortions that produce those effects.

The pioneer that wrote the best selling book Seven Weeks to Sobriety, and the long seller Depression Free Naturally has the program you want. Joan Mathews-Larson knows the true definition of alcoholism.

Ask her and she’ll tell you, we are chemical beings; trying to resolve a head full of chemical distortions by talking about behavior is absurd. The way back to sanity, stability and health is through biochemical repair and restoration.

Some programs will give Dr. Mathews-Larson’s ideas a nod, and then hand their clients psychiatric drugs. To Dr Mathews-Larson, that’s not absurd, that’s criminal.

Understanding the chemistry of the brain and the real chemicals that fulfill the blueprint of life is the work Dr. Mathews-Larson has dedicated her life to. Her clinic, The Health Recovery Center in Minneapolis, has been treating alcoholism and addictions as well as other mental health disorders for over 35 years. So there you have it: ongoing revolving door therapy or authentic health, wellness, and stability. The choice is yours.