In groups I lead, I often tell people that it’s a lot easier to destroy something than it is to repair it. And so it goes with the human body. The destruction drugs do in the body produce relatively fast shifts in feelings and symptoms.

The Real Price of Prescription Drugs

For that reason, drugs do provide a valuable service in supporting some situations of modern medicine. However, I would confine that praise to acute problems. For long-term chronic problems, pharmaceutical drugs are a disaster. The initial relief they provide comes at a very high price over time: loss of joy.

I don’t just throw that word, “joy” out as some abstract concept. Neuroscientists at a symposium at Johns Hopkins University confirmed, “Workings of the mind become scrambled when brain chemistry goes awry.” Specifically they named thoughts, feelings, self-awareness, perception, and memory as being affected.

Science tells us the key substances our brain uses to create these emotions are amino acids, enzymes, endorphins, hormones, neurotransmitters, and essential fatty acid metabolites. They are diminished or destroyed as a direct effect of toximolecular protocols.

On the other hand, these are the very substances Dr. Pauling was describing in his definition of orthomolecular medicine: “… the right molecules found in the brain and body, substances normally present and required for optimum health.”


Authentic Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The human mind cannot operate in a vacuum, It is dependent upon the molecular balance of the brain to create our emotional health. When Joan Mathews-Larson came upon this universal truth, she realized she had found the answer for authentic treatment of alcoholism and chemical addictions.

Orthomolecular medicine provides the tools to stabilize the brain, turn off cravings, and return joy to an addict’s life. Dr. Mathews-Larson’s insights lead her to pioneer the world first orthomolecular based addiction clinic, Health Recovery Center, which caught the attention of Dr. Abram Hoffer, father of the orthomolecular movement. He wrote to Dr. Mathews-Larson congratulating her on her accomplishment, which continues today after 35 years of good works.

One condition of an orthomolecular approach is that it takes time. Healing takes time. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a lot easier to destroy something than it is to repair it.

Drugs are seductive, you take the pill and the effect follows soon after. However, the real chemicals that repair the brain, do not prompt changes so quickly. This can only be understood by examining how life works … which has convinced me that too many professionals in the healthcare system don't understand this fundamental truth.


Absorption and Bioavailability are Two Distinct Matters

Absorption refers to the general concept of digestion: breaking down food to essential substrate components and moving it to the bloodstream. That in itself is an impediment for many addicts who have compromised the integrity of their digestive track.

But that’s only half of the story, once nutrients move into the bloodstream, they must be taken up to fuel metabolic processes at a cellular level. This process is subject to “bioavailability.”

Absorption can be improved with enzymes, dietary changes, candida treatment, and allergy elimination. Providing adequate nutrient support to ensure bioavailability is a more complicated issue.


Drugs Produce Biochemical Stress that Alters Metabolic Processes

Recalling the words of Dr. Roger Williams, “They [drugs] contaminate the internal environment…” Altering selective areas of the biochemistry can produce structural changes in cells, and alter their ability to take up what is needed to function normally.

To overcome and repair the damage done by toximolecular interventions, consider the words of Dr. Linus Pauling, “establishing the right molecules in the brain and body by varying the concentration of substances normally present and required for optimum health.”

Overcoming structural damage from drugs requires very high concentrations of substances normally present to establish the correct molecules in the brain and body. In other words, megadoses of the real chemicals that fuel the blueprint of life are the answer.

Finding those levels and understanding that they may be needed for some time before the body returns to its original metabolic functioning is the work of a true orthomolecular clinic like Health Recovery Center.