Understanding why people turn to alcohol and drugs provides insight into the phenomenon of escalating violence we are seeing today. We are, first and foremost, chemical beings. Our biochemistry is a temple of substances that guide life and orchestrate our behavior. It is time to acknowledge that the violence expressed by our increasingly polluted population is the product of chemically altered brains.

Our Chemically Induced Violent World

Big corporations are the greatest contributors of chemical pollution we find ourselves swimming in these days. Their love of money/profits eclipses the moral imperative to strive for a better quality of life. You will not hear the truth in the media they control. Instead, expect need confusion, but don’t be taken in.

The insanity of mindless violence is not due to:

  • Too many violent video games
  • Too much violence on television
  • The ubiquitous presence of guns
  • Too many police
  • Not enough police
  • Whoever happens to be president of the country
  • The loss of family values
  • The loss of morality 

Although these examples may be symptoms of our chemically altered population, they are most certainly not the cause.


The Rise of Violence in the World

The violence we are witnessing is the predictable outcome of a society contaminated with too many toxic chemicals. With so many chemicals acting on us, it’s difficult to pinpoint their destructive effects on any one of them—singularly.

Consider this short list of toxic scenarios:

  • The gun enthusiast, breathing lead fumes at the firing range
  • The student, taking psychiatric drugs that distorts levels of modulating neurotransmitters needed to override homicidal/suicidal behavior
  • The blue collar worker working on job sites replete with toxic chemicals
  • City dwellers, living downwind from a coal-burning power plant, or some other industrial plant spewing toxic chemicals into the air they breath
  • The 300,000,000+ people who have been polluted with the toxic environmental chemicals fluoride and chlorine
  • The human guinea pigs eating pesticide/herbicide impregnated GMO foods
  • The unsuspecting townspeople drinking lead-laden water
  • The family ingesting hormone infused, antibiotic injected meats
  • The guy with mercury-packed teeth, gassing off 24-7 for years
  • The kids injected with mercury, aluminum, and other contaminated proteins found in vaccines, multiple times, etc.


The Effects of Toxic Chemicals

Today the average American is a medley of toxic chemicals. We think we have freewill to control our lives. No! Our lives are a reflection of the health of the brain. We do not tell the brain how to behave, the brain tells us, and when we pollute it with a plethora of chemicals we behave very badly.

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We think we have freewill to control our lives. No! Our lives are a reflection of the health of the brain


Police Shootings

For example, take a closer look at the cop who shot Philando Castile without provocation in front of his girlfriend and child. Shall I add the Philando was Black? 

Okay, the prejudices of a lifetime could contribute to this appalling event, but it would be careless confusion to make that the most prominent point … which, the corporate-controlled media has done.

Bear in mind, this man is like you and me, in the respect that first and foremost he is a chemical being. He is subject to the chemicals that act on his brain, as are you and I. Obviously, he’s trained in the use of firearms, and I would expect well-practiced too.

Lead is found in bullets as well as the explosive that ignites gunpowder. When a bullet is fired, it gets so hot that that lead actually vaporizes. Time spent practicing on a firing range is time spent breathing lead fumes, and ingesting lead dust that settles on the body and clothes. 

Permissible levels of atmospheric lead according to OSHA is 50 micrograms/meter2, however, higher levels have been found in some places such as firing ranges.

Obviously the more you discharge your weapon –practicing– the more lead you accumulate in your brain and body.

Elevated brain levels of lead are a well documented contributing factor in criminal behavior and violent outbursts of anger. Wouldn’t it be enlightening to do a chemical analysis on this cop to learn where his lead level was when his chemically hijacked brain told him to pull the trigger over and over and over?


The United States of Addiction

The USA makes up approximately four percent of the world’s population, yet we consume 50% of the drugs produced in the world. Some may think that makes us healthy, but that’s not what I see. I say we are accelerating towards more self-destructive use of alcohol and violence. It is arrogant to believe we can distort the natural order of life without consequences.

We are programming ourselves –our brains– for the violenct behavior we are witnessing. This is a dangerous period for the future of our species. People need to wake up and stop fueling insanity with ever-greater loads of biochemical toxicity.