America’s (Medically Maligned) Healthcare System in a Nutshell

The ever-rising expense of healthcare has brought with it a new level of socialization in the United States. The Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as “Obama Care” continues to draw strong criticism. Some say it's the best way to equitably disperse our Nation’s health-cost burden, others say it’s unconstitutional and un-American. 

Both sides are right, but in the end, the controversy’s conclusion will not be decided by the American people; instead, it will be decided by insurance industry lobbyists, who promote policies for their own gain. 

In other words, if we the people are to ever to solve this healthcare dilemma, and retain the freedoms we hold dear, it won’t be achieved through our corporate controlled government. 

Obviously, our healthcare industry, although gargantuan in size, is unable to match the burden of sickness our country presents. Insurance and healthcare policies are edging the Nation ever closer to bankruptcy. But to ask why is this problem so expensive is the wrong question; the central question is why are we so sick? Why are we taxing the capacity of our Nation’s wealth with so much sickness? 

When I was a kid, my family didn’t have medical insurance. No one needed it. If someone got sick, mom and dad called up old Doctor Kelly; he came over, did his doctor thing, and sent a modest bill for the service. 

Of course most of the time, we never got sick, certainly not to the degree that would warrant a doctor’s visit, but that’s when I was a kid. Now I’m in my 60s, I see my fellow Americans in a state of chronic ill-health, and I mourn for the healthy people I knew in my younger days. 

Recently, the news reported Minnesota lawmaker’s think it’s time to pass a law forcing small businesses to pay a minimum of 48 hours, per year, of sick time. Getting sick has become so commonplace and predictable that financial compensation for days of uselessness may soon be mandated by the government. 

However, before we start paying for anticipated sickness, let’s understand why we’re so sick to begin with.

The answer may not be as complicated as you think. I work in the healthcare industry as a licensed addiction counselor, and I see all sorts of chronically sick people. Although they’re sick from using alcohol and drugs (illicit and legal), many of them get started using because they feel so sick, to begin with. 

I don’t judge them for it, or confuse them by heaping loads of therapy on them. Their misery isn’t the result of some mental phenomena. If that were the case, addictions could be solved with behavioral therapy, which they can’t. 

The truth is addictions, like sickness in general, stem from biochemical distortions, and therein lies the unifying reason of sickness for our over-medicalized country and my clients: both groups are the product of multiple chemical assaults they have been unknowingly and deceitfully exposed to throughout their lives. 

An authentic healthcare approach would strive to ascertain where biochemical damage is occurring, eliminate the source, and repair the damage. Few would question that logic, but people with financial interests in the healthcare industry want nothing to do with it. 

As industries go, healthcare is a strange duck. If it is done well, it puts itself out of business. Following that logic, America’s healthcare industry (insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry, nursing homes, etc) is a dismal failure, thriving with a robust population of chronically sick people. 

So we must ask ourselves: how does a behemoth industry like healthcare manage to sustain a population of chronically sick clients. Be forewarned, the answer cuts through medical myths and often elicits a responding tone of contempt, to which I say you’re either part of the problem or ignorant of the of the maligned policies you support. 

It starts with the most vulnerable of our population—kids. At months, weeks, or even days old, newborn’s are delivered to hospital pediatricians and nurses who administer multiple immunization shots. This triggers the beginning of a lifelong doctor/patient relationship of money-making and misery. 

Parents, intimidated by doctors, don’t realize the risk for the harm they’re exposing their kids to when they bring them to these “pediatric ghouls.” Of course, if pediatricians don’t know what I’m about to share with you, ghouls is wrong, “incompetent quacks” would be better.

The immune system of a newborn develops over several years. It builds strength by being exposed to a variety of environmental microbes. These microbes pass through a series of defense layers that, in effect, strengthen the immune system and teach it to recognize beneficial (commensals) from pathogenic bugs. 

Immunization shots are different. They distort Nature’s elegant design for building a healthy immune system by exposing the body to pathogens in unnatural ways. Shots bypass many of the immune system’s defense layers, setting the stage for a lifetime of sickness. 

Here’s a supporting study (Kiggs Study). In addition, vaccines include many other things that would freak-out any sane person. (Vaccine Ingredients). Immunization shots are the first step for building an epidemic of sickness. You’ll never hear the truth from the mainstream media, simply because so much of their money comes from the pharmaceutical industry (the same guys that make the vaccines). 

Anyway, to continue, the shots trigger a prolonged immune system response that makes a kid feel sick. The (not so scientific) medical profession calls it “sickness behavior.” Expect prolonged crying as a reaction to the toxic injection(s). 

The brain has its own unique immune system that will react to a shot, so developmental damage to the central nervous system is highly likely, or to put it another way, shots harm the brain in a way that diminishes what a person might have aspired to be, but who’s going to know, right? 

Among other things, a kid might show signs of autism (a-social behavior), or develop a condition of otitis media (glue rear) once unheard of, now quite common among children. When mom and dad ask the doctor what’s happening to their once happy healthy kid, the doctor won’t know, but he’ll assure them that the shots had nothing to do with it. Then he’ll prescribe a course of antibiotics. 

The younger a kid is when he/she receives their first course of antibiotics, the more often they’ll break down and get sick throughout their lives.

Most people don’t realize that 80% of the immune system is in the gut. All those probiotics (beneficial bacteria) killed off with antibiotics are the immune system. So when a kid, whose immune system is still forming, begins destroying it with antibiotics, the consequences set the stage for a very sick future, which means a more robust healthcare industry. 

Guess what comes next?

I’ll give you a clue: this is where my business comes from. If you’re in the pharmaceutical industry, you know:

  • antidepressants
  • anti-anxiety drugs
  • psychiatric concoctions for every mental health symptom psychiatry can think up.

Kids are the primary target market for this kind of “pseudo-treatment.” Hooking kids on pharmaceuticals makes the industry money while escalating biochemical mischief to new levels. With more damage to a poorly functioning immune system, expect allergies to be a big problem. 

This can lead to surgical interventions:

  • tonsillectomies
  • appendectomies
  • gall bladder removal
  • etc.

Damage to these organs is the result of inflammation, the hallmark of allergies (brought on by a compromised immune system). And of course, with every surgical procedure, more and stronger courses of antibiotics get prescribed, leading to a greater loss of immune system function, more prescription drugs, and more mental health issues. 

Over a lifetime, the faithful medical consumer will receive more vaccines (flu shots and boosters), initiating the need for more antibiotics, and more pharmaceuticals, which will increase accumulated inflammation leading to a plethora of “itis” aggravations:

  • arthritis
  • bursitis
  • pancreatitis
  • diverticulitis
  • etc

These uncomfortable bouts of inflammatory discomfort are the harbingers of major degenerative diseases:

  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • cardiovascular disease
  • etc

If a miserable, chronically ill patient lives long enough, they probably end up in a nursing home. Their golden years will be spent in a zombified state, watching reruns of Leave it to Beaver, waiting for a nurse to come around with more meds. 

Toxic drugs fed to nursing home residences are so dirt cheap, pharmaceutical companies reap nice profits charging inflated prices. This is how insurance companies, working with the pharmaceutical industry, cash in on sickness. 

So there you have it: the American healthcare system in a nutshell; the system the government wants to support through reformed medical socialization, and mandatory payouts from small businesses. 

So now, let us return to the title: How to Solve America’s Healthcare Problems at the Source. First people need to see the problem in an honest light. Purging your belief system of unscientific nonsense about shots and pharmaceuticals is the only way back to wellness. 

In time, if/when the public becomes more enlightened, the tide of unbridled sickness will recede. We’ve been making ourselves sick following the advice of the very industry that proclaims to be our “healthcare” system. For the most part, stay away from doctors unless you’re really really sick, because to state it bluntly, they will make you sicker. 

Once you start down the road of getting vaccine shots, you’re on a path to chronic illness, with snowballing medical bills. Chances are you, like me, have already started down that path. But you can change the course of illness. 

There are many ways to repair the damage that’s been done and restore health. It starts with taking responsibility for your own health. 

Keep chemicals out of your body:

  • processed (chemically infused) foods
  • fluoridated water
  • pesticides
  • herbicides
  • fungicides
  • etc

Next give yourself copious amounts of the real chemicals life evolved on, and thrives on:

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • probiotics
  • essential fatty acids
  • amino acids
  • etc

If you must see a doctor, look for an orthomolecular thinker, one who treats the cause, not just symptoms, and puts wellness before of profits.