A previous blog, aptly named “America’s (Medically Maligned) Healthcare System in a Nutshell” gave a step-by-step explanation of why ineffectual practices are so difficult to discard. Basically the status quo resists stepping down for less lucrative alternatives, even when more effective results can be attained. At the heart of it all you’ll find greed as the catalyst for this basic flaw in humans.

How to Avoid Being Fleeced by Industries of Ignorance

My awakening to this phenomenon came about slowly from working and observing clients over many years at Health Recovery Center, a clinic dedicated to the treatment of alcoholism, addictions and mental illnesses.

Many physical anomalies overlap in respect to these issues, and the physical common denominators they share can’t be missed when a treatment program is grounded in science, using lab tests and orthomolecular support.

Unfortunately, few if any, chemical addiction treatment programs understand which labs to use, or how to treat the anomalies they would uncover. Again, that’s because the status quo goes to great lengths to protect their market from better ideas that compete/conflict with them.

The point is, people who have gone through conventional treatment multiple times, paying out good money each time, are unknowingly being fleeced by an industry of greed and ignorance.

Most all Treatment Programs are Psychologically-based, 12-step Programs

They do nothing to address the physical underlying imbalances. People come out of these programs basically the same way they went in to them; often worse, since many of them are nothing more that pharmaceutical dispensaries with 12-step gibberish.

For a few people, one time through is enough. They (wisely) throw away their pharmaceuticals, and accept the harsh reality that there are no answers. Others, repeat the process over and over, switching from one drug to another, working their 12-steps, hoping something different is going to happen. In their eyes, failure is their fault, not their program’s, but actually, it is their program’s fault … their medically maligned, psycho-pharmacological program. But that’s hard to accept because … what else is there? If they try another program they’ll get the same boilerplate copy of their last program: psychology and pharmaceuticals.

It’s a Rare Blessing for an Addict to Go Through an Orthomolecular Program

There’s no way they can experience such a program and leave the same way they entered. It’s physically impossible. And with the right dedication and motivation, I would say it is impossible to fail. Bold words, right, but not overstated when you factor in something the treatment industry so often lacks—logic.

Proper use of the real chemicals, the chemicals Nature designed us with, the chemicals life on this planet evolved on for billions of years, can stop cravings, lift depression, and calm anxiety. There are plenty of scientific studies to support this. But finding that balance of chemicals (unique in everyone) takes special knowledge and training. People professing to be experts in treating alcoholism, addictions and mental illnesses have none of it. That should disqualify them from teaching people how to transition to a better health promoting lifestyle, but because they’ve got degrees in psycho-therapy and/or psycho-pharmacology they confuse and mesmerize their clients by focusing on the trivial byproducts of biochemical imbalances, (i.e., symptoms, psychological aberrations). 

No one gets well when you treat symptoms, and ignore cause.  I say, what a rip-off to pay over and over for help to get your life back, and get nothing but psychotherapy and a hand full of toxic pharmaceuticals, would you not agree? 

To illustrate the point, consider Steps 1 & 2 of the 12-steps:

  1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.
  2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

In true corporate fashion, the treatment industry kicks a program off with misleading confusion. If you buy into these ideas, you’re doomed to wander in a maze of relapse and guilt for a life time. The message is telling you not only are you incapable of helping yourself, but if you don’t recover, your Higher Power didn’t have much hope for you either. Don’t laugh, carefully hidden behind these ideas is an assault on the self-esteem of people who are sick, and looking for help to get well. 

Here’s what treatment should be telling those seeking help:

  1. We understand alcoholism is a physical disease requiring biomedical/bio-nutritional intervention to repair the damage, i.e., stop cravings, lift depression, end anxiety, & stabilize moods.
  2. We know restoring our health, physical well being, and emotional stability are the result of utilizing 21st century research to conquer this physical disease.

If you would like a copy of the New 12-steps, just drop an e-mail to hrc@healthrecovery.com and put The New 12-Steps in the subject line.

Good Health to You,