High Histamine (Histadelia): A Formula for Success or Tragedy

High histamine traits run in families, and can well account for successful “dynasties”, as such families are endowed with the kind of energy and drive that most of us only dream about. They are aggressive, productive, Type A people who drive themselves obsessively toward attaining success. The large histamine pools they possess, cause their brain neurotransmitters to over fuel and fire excessively.

The following conditions may result:

  1. Histadelics are often over-stimulated, almost manic. Their compulsive drives may lead them to alcohol to break their inner tension and buy them some peace.
  2. Sleep is a problem. They are light sleepers, usually needing seven or less hours. Insomnia can be severe.
  3. If histamine levels get too high, phobias, compulsions and blank-mindedness develop. Histadelics are the perfectionists and the “doers” that never seem to know how to relax. Histamine increases their cellular metabolism so their body temperature may be above normal and they burn up their food quickly. Typically histadelics have no problem with weight gain. If there is a weight problem, it is coming from food and chemical allergies that set off hunger or binging. Upon identification and avoidance of these allergic triggers, histadelics will slowly lose unwanted body weight (this process may take a full year) and recover the natural high energy levels that their allergies were masking.
  4. Because of their elevated metabolic rate and higher body temperature, their bodies develop anatomically to help dissipate the extra heat: ears, nose, hands and feet may be enlarged. Fingers and toes are usually long. I often ask clients to show me their second toe. In a histadelic, it is frequently longer than their big toe. They also have very little facial and chest hair, again helping to promote more rapid loss of extra body heat. (This is the mate who keeps turning down the thermostat!)
  5. Suicidal depression puts these people at high risk because they have the energy to carry out a suicide plan and the impulsiveness to act quickly without thinking it over. Not all histadelics are depressed. Other biochemical influences can also play a role in promoting depression.
  6. Since histamine produces an abundant production of fluid secretions, histadelics have an overproduction of saliva that keeps their teeth free of cavities. (Sometimes, saliva is literally dripping from the corners of their mouth.) Sexual orgasms are easy because of their increased mucous. This mucous also accounts for assisting the smaller, faster male sperm to win the race to fertilize the egg, so high histamine families produce mostly male children.
  7. Most histadelics have a very low pain threshold and will over-react, to pain. Headaches and respiratory allergies are common.

The Kennedy Clan: No.1 Example of Familial Histadelics

A classic example of high histamine genetics is the Kennedy clan: Almost all of them possess that tremendous, unrelenting passion to attain. We see it rewarded by the visible trappings of wealth and success, but the Camelot of these brilliant strivers also has a dark side - their compulsive risk taking has ended in tragedy many times. Their wild sexual exploitations have compromised their reputations. Their high tolerance for alcohol and drugs have ended in mayhem and death and even suicide (Bobby Kennedy’s young son.)

I believe the increasing havoc occurring with each generation of Kennedy’s is coming from the deteriorating status of their brain chemistry as alcohol, drugs and the stresses of life deplete them. If the younger Kennedys hope to regain the powerful hold that once was theirs, they should look to restoring that powerful balance of brain chemicals to its former status.

Drugs and Alcohol Attract Many Histadelics

For years I wondered why these obsessive, driven people wanted to pump in cocaine, crack, amphetamines and tons of caffeine and sugar to further stimulate them. I finally realized many are attempting to lift a chronic black depression that does not respond well to antidepressants. The trick is to lower the histamine, and often depression fades too. 

More creative histadelics have discovered that opiates (heroin, morphine, opium, codeine) are strong histamine releasers. Alcohol also has some histamine-reducing action. Unfortunately, each of the above drugs has their own dark side. By the time such histadelics arrive at Health Recovery Center, their drug use has driven them right to the edge.

Consider this case history example of a histadelic:

Carla, a professional young woman who was using both cocaine and alcohol in large amounts to control her black depression, drove from the east coast to Minneapolis seeking help from Health Recovery Center. She then spent three more days cruising around the center, “checking us out.”

I finally had the opportunity to talk to her and ease her mind. I could tell she was histadelic as she recited her history. She felt suicidal and exhausted, but kept pushing herself. She could handle a quart of alcohol without a hangover. There were many physical complaints: joint pain, headaches, hay fever and stomach aches. Carla had a mouthful of gorgeous white teeth, and long fingers and toes. She was thin and attractive yet said she ate every hour because of hunger! Her life story included a suicide attempt, despite much success in a high powered sales position.

Now, alcohol had started to own her. She was caught in her own scheme. No longer could she do her chemical balancing act of quieting her obsessive drive with alcohol and then relieve her depression with cocaine. It was killing her! She had been to a standard type of treatment program a year ago where she spent thirty days telling a group of strangers the intimate details of her life. The experience did nothing to control the pools of histamine that fed her suicidal depression and inner tension.

She said she feared I was about to sign her into the same kind of “treatment.” It was only when I began to describe to her all the earmarks of her chemistry and what had to be done biochemically to finally bring relief, that she began to trust me.

It’s been over a year since Carla completed the Health Recovery Center program. A followup letter told me she is still on a strict diet, taking her regimen of natural chemicals, and she is STILL SOBER AND FREE OF DEPRESSION. She described her recent activities: applying for, testing and getting three new positions (She settled on the best one). She bought and sold two houses in the last month, works out at the gym three days a week, and takes skating classes four times weekly... etc. So here is a (still) high histamine person whose strict controls allow her the joy of accomplishing, without the pain of depression or the inner tension of being driven to perform.

That balance had to happen BIOCHEMICALLY. Talk therapy changes nothing.

The High Histamine Child

Most histadelic children are very self-motivated and achievement-oriented. However, some are so self-directed that they resent giving up their control to a parent or teacher. They can’t stand being told what to do by adults. These youngsters may become disruptive within their families and classrooms. Physical discipline only causes their behavior to intensify.

They may not easily make friends with their peers, preferring much younger children or adults. If counseling is pushed, it typically fails. A diagnosis of “oppositional defiant disorder” often results. These children tend to get obsessively hooked on activities. This can be advantageous to the child who pursues learning or sports, but will present problems if the focus is on negative activities like playing video games excessively. 

Drug use among high histamine (histadelic) teens is five times as likely as with low histamine (histapenic) young people. Ongoing use of drugs steadily worsens nervous system imbalances. If they start cigarettes, they may become chain-smokers. It is important to channel their compulsive-obsessive tendencies into productive activities.

If you suspect your own child fits this category, a blood test will be able to pinpoint their histamine levels. Usually no drugs are required to lower histamine. Actually, to have high-normal histamine levels is a real blessing. The natural energy and drive to succeed in life gives this type a competitive edge. The danger lies in letting histamine rise to such high levels that there is suicidal depression or impulsive sexual addiction or obsessions that are uncontrollable.

Sexual Addiction

The high libido of the histadelic seems bound to set them up for trouble. Being loyal to one mate is a big order for someone who is addicted to the joys of sex. I have had clients who describe their compulsion to pick up a prostitute, or cruise porno bookstores and peep shows, as being a part of their regular activities. They claim this addiction is not unlike alcohol or drugs, which seems to build up the longer they try to abstain.

Some simply have multiple affairs. The employee who is sexually harassing co-workers through inappropriate touching or sexual language, may be suffering from a sexual addiction. Therapy is certainly helpful, but more important, is to correct the chemistry of an out-of-control histadelic libido by lowering the histamine level.

Suicidal Depression

Out of control histamine levels lead to serious depression in about one-half of histadelics according to a study by Carl Pfeiffer MD. He offers as examples of probable histadelics who died a suicidal death, both Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe.

Miss Monroe once remarked to news photographers “my most perfect feature is my teeth … I have no cavities.” (Only a high histamine person would be able to bathe her teeth in so much saliva that no decay takes place.) 

If you are histadelic, you may have several suicides in your genetic history. The depression that plagues such people, does not respond well to anti-depressants or shock therapy. An early diagnosis of excessive histamine, is important to safeguard against compulsivity to deal with inner tensions and suicidal ideations by impulsively deciding to end your life. 

I cannot help but think of the suicide of my own teenage son which seemed to happen without warning. He had many histadelic characteristics: overabundant energy, always active yet his room was unbelievably neat and orderly. He ate continually, but was lean and lanky. (rapid metabolism) His teeth were in excellent shape. In many ways he was a perfectionist and very creative. His decision to take his life came without warning to anyone. Yet his eyes were so full of depression, how could we miss it?

I see that look, still, in the eyes of many new clients. Rob had a wild love life, unbeknown to me. At his wake, girls I had never seen before described to me how they had climbed in and out his window late at night. His casket became a repository of love-notes (At the time I was shocked).

So there are warnings signs that the ordinary brochures about suicide don’t mention. The most likely candidates are the compulsive, depressed histadelic kids and adults. The below table shows that with treatment, depression lifts quickly, but compulsions with abnormal fears are the most difficult to treat, and the last symptoms to go. 

The Time Table for Relief of Symptoms in Histadelia

  • Depression
  • Blank Mind
  • Obsessions
  • Compulsions
  • Rituals
  • Phobias

One Week, One Month, One Year: Taken from Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, M.D., Ph.D. The Schizophrenias Ours To Conquer 

Do You Have High Histamine?

The following screen is used at Health Recovery Center to determine the likelihood of excessive blood histamine.

  1. Do you tend to sneeze in bright sunlight?
  2. Were you a shy and over-sensitive teenager?
  3. Can you make tears easily and are never bothered by a lack of saliva or dry mouth?
  4. Do you hear your pulse in your head on the pillow at night?
  5. Do you have frequent muscle cramps?
  6. Do you have a high sensitivity to pain?
  7. Do you have easy orgasms with sex, and hi libido?
  8. Do you get headaches regularly?
  9. At times does your mind go blank?
  10. Do you have seasonal allergies, such as hay fever?
  11. Do you tend to be a light sleeper?
  12. Do you need only 5 to 7 hours sleep nightly?
  13. Do you burn up foods rapidly?
  14. Have you thought seriously of suicide?
  15. Can you tolerate high doses of medication or drugs?
  16. Do you have large ears and long fingers or toes? (Is your second to as long as your big toe.)
  17. Are you addicted to drugs, alcohol, or sugar?
  18. Are you an obsessive, Type A person who feels driven or a perfectionist?
  19. Are you impulsive?
  20. Do boys predominate among your siblings?

Don’t expect to have all of these symptoms. Ten or more will warrant confirmation of histadelia by a blood test.

How to Treat Histadelia

Histamine levels will decrease and symptoms lessen in response to daily doses of methionine, an amino acid that significantly detoxifies histamine by methylating the ring structure forming N-methyl-histamine in the brain. Typical dose is a 500 mg capsule taken four times daily. Calcium, taken morning and evening, releases additional histamine stores and lowers levels in the body. With magnesium, it acts as a natural tranquilizer.

If your histamine level is extremely high, your physician may prescribe the drug Dilantin (phenytoin) that works rapidly to interfere with histamine and bring levels back to normal. The dose is 100 mg morning and evening (I have not liked the side effects that I’ve seen from Dilantin, so its’ use should be reserved for difficult cases only).

Avoid a high protein diet as most proteins contain histidine, the amino acid from which you will synthesize even more histamine. A preferable diet is one high in vegetables and fruits.

The Health Recovery Center formula has other substances to specifically address compulsive/obsessiveness. A study by J. Yaryura-Tobias, M.D. established that L Tryptophan and its co-enzymes Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, stabilized compulsive-obsessive patients within six months by converting tryptophan to serotonin, the brain’s calming neurotransmitter. Dosage is one 500 mg capsule, twice daily between meals. This dose combined with a small amount of St John’s Wort seems to work amazingly well in difficult cases. I suspect Dr. Yaryura-Tobia’s study would have produced results even earlier than six months if he had combined his regimen with the B vitamin, Inositol. An Israeli study appearing in the American Journal of Psychiatry reports that Inositol, effectively eliminates symptoms of compulsive-obsessive disorder over a SIX-WEEK period, and unlike current drug treatments has absolutely NO side effects! Inositol works by regulating the action of serotonin within the nerve cells. Inositol has a soothing effect on spinal-cord nerves, the brain, and cerebrospinal fluid. It produces anti-anxiety effects similar to the drug, Librium (but without the side effects). Dosage is one and one half teaspoons of inositol powder three times daily with meals. This powder tastes good ... it’s sweet. 


Histadelics will also benefit by raising depleted levels of Acetylcholine in their brain. Taking precursor phosphatidylcholine can do this. Acetylcholine stabilizes brain membranes, greatly improves mood, and restores short-term memory. We use a preferred form called CDP Choline. Avoid taking folic acid which INCREASE body stores of histamine, but do take plenty of B vitamins as they play a huge role in stabilizing your nervous system. 

A Word About Getting Your Doctor’s Cooperation

Treating histamine imbalances with natural chemicals is an example of orthomolecular medicine, and as Dr. Hugh Riordan once stated, “Orthomolecular medicine is NOT the answer to any question posed in medical school.” If you fit the profile of too high or low histamine, you deserve to know with scientific accuracy what the real picture is. As you go about scheduling lab tests, you may discover your doctor does not think alike (or even know) of this research. Do not be dissuaded from ordering confirming lab work. If your doctor is unwilling to cooperate, it is time to find a new physician who cares. Refusing you this needed information doesn’t affect your doctor at all, but he may be condemning you to a lifetime struggling with an out-of-balance brain.

The Histamine Formulas The formulas for treating high and low histamine levels are easily obtainable. High quality nutrients used successfully at Health Recovery Center are available from Bio-Recovery (1-800-247-6237). You will be able to get your questions answered at this number as well as having your orders shipped to your door.