Okay, the parties are over. Goodbye Christmas, goodbye New Years and welcome January, my least favorite month, a common assessment among people who make Minnesota their home.

For some going in to “hibernation mode” is the way to get through these sub-zero days, but this can be a destructive strategy for an alcoholic or drug user who equates hibernation with a season-long bender.

Might I suggest a different tact?

How about the pursuit of wellbeing? Now if I suggested checking into a treatment center, I’d expect a resounding laugh.

Let’s face it, pondering 12-step dogma, baring your deepest secrets to a stranger (therapist), while some doctor (pharmaceutical shill) puts you on enough drugs to take down a rhino has about as much chance of achieving wellbeing as hitting the moon with your peashooter.

Nevertheless, wellbeing can be found at a treatment center … if you know where to look.

Start your quest with this simple question: Do you believe in the Blueprint of Life?

What I mean is do you believe Nature, God, and/or the Higher Power that created life knew what they were doing? Or, on the other hand, do you think psychotherapists and pharmaceuticals hold the solution for the mistakes of our Maker?

Clearly most treatment centers put their faith in the later. Ask them about the “Blueprint of Life” and I’ll wager they won’t know what you’re talking about, much less how to apply it to stabilize an addict or find wellbeing. If you’ve tried treatment before, you know what I mean.


Conventional treatment is a 12-step/psychotherapeutic/pharmaceutical smokescreen, void of any connection to life’s Blueprint. A three prong attack aimed at distorting Natures elegant design even further. And, of course, it doesn't work. But some people need reminding; they go round and round always expecting a different result. But before you pay for another round of “pseudo-treatment,” remember: looking for longterm wellbeing by ignoring and distorting the Blueprint of Life never works. Never.

However, there’s this little treatment center operating in Minnesota. Why it had to be Minnesota, I can’t say, but there it is, in the middle of the frozen tundra, a treatment center that actually respects and follows the Blueprint of Life as the path back to stability and wellbeing. It calls itself Health Recovery Center.

Insurance companies mark it as a treatment center

But its approach to addictions and mental health issues are quite unconventional, as are its recovery rates. People actually get well, not just abstinent … but well, and they understand why before they graduate, so should they ever stray from the path (i.e., if they abandon the Blueprint of Life), they can get back.

Health Recovery is the first and last treatment program most will ever need. A beacon for wellbeing following the Blueprint of Life. This does not bode well with conventional programs that count on ongoing revenue from a revolving door of clients who never stabilize and predictably relapse.

So there you have it. The power of the Blueprint of Life awaits anyone ready to follow it, or as Frances Bacon once observed, “We control Nature by obeying her.” I say the pursuit of wellbeing is an investment that supersedes all others.

Happy New Year