It may seem incredulous that someone working in the alcohol/drug treatment business could make sense out of a complex behemoth like the healthcare industry, yet this is precisely the case. Many groups I present explore seemingly unrelated subjects that fit together like a puzzle. Once assembled, the puzzle reveals a truth about healthcare I’d like to impart in a series of papers I call …

Finding the Truth in the Blueprint of Life (Part 1)
(How to survive in a country that peddles sickness)

Mark Mathews, MA, LADC

The first thing you should know is that the healthcare industry is not about promoting health, it’s about making money from illness, or to be blunt, it’s about encouraging things that induce illness, and suppressing things that promote health (covertly of course).

Secondly, you should know that many doctors cause great mischief by disseminating erroneous advice attained through their prestigious “pharmaceutical sponsored” education. Whether they’re aware of it or not doesn’t matter; in the end, the patient gets worse and the healthcare industry profits.

I have seen so many clients harmed by following their doctors’ advice, that my advice to them is to stay away from doctors as much as possible (I’m not kidding).

What I believe to be true of our modern healthcare system, supports how it maintains its robust demand for services and profitability. Its influence is so widespread that it has driven our country to the brink of bankruptcy, producing a dumbed-down population on the edge of insanity.

Hopefully my insights will spare a few people and their loved ones agonizing years of misery.

To kick things off, consider vaccines –logically– because that is where the healthcare industry takes its first stab at setting up a perpetual money-hemorrhaging market. Please understand, I’m not like other touchy-feely counselors. My groups explore biochemical imbalances and distortions in the blueprint of life.

Vaccines may sound like a controversial subject, but they’re really not when you become acquainted with the research. Then you’ll realize, as I did, that vaccines are really an egregious assault, designed to distort Nature’s beautiful “Blueprint of Life.”

Unfortunately, condensing a two-hour lesson and half-hour film into a quick blog requires sacrifices, so I’ll just share a few facts to ponder the next time your newspaper, TV, or doctor tells you how safe and effective vaccines are.

Vaccines Typically Contain

  • Aluminum
  • Mercury (thimerosal)
  • Tissue proteins from various animals including pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, bovine serum, formaldehyde, formalin, glycerol, and human diploid cells (originating from aborted human fetal tissue)
  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • Phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)
  • And many other strange chemicals you've probably never heard of

Many vaccines (up to 60% of them) are contaminated with foreign viruses and viral components significant enough to trigger a immune system response leading to progressive brain degeneration. The levels of glutamate, an excitatory chemical promoted by vaccines, contributes to brain shrinkage, depression, and memory loss.

The Sustained Inflammatory Response Vaccines Induce Lead to a Number of Diseases

  • cancer
  • arthritis
  • muscle weakness
  • fatigue
  • sleep disturbances
  • memory loss
  • confusion
  • Parkinson's
  • Alzheimers

Aluminum and Mercury Found in Vaccines

Accumulate in the host over many years, and increase the risk of neurodegenerative diseases with age. Aluminum is taken up by the pineal gland of the brain where it impairs the ability to make melatonin, the hormone needed to guide normal sleep patterns. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

You’ll never hear the truth about vaccines in mainstream media outlets because they’re paid to promote healthcare industry propaganda … I mean, do you ever watch TV commercials on the news? The revenue pharmaceutical companies (makers of vaccines) provide to major networks is enormous. Talk about conflict of interest!

However, in all fairness, and as a counterpoint to all these negative things I just mentioned, I should recite all the good things vaccines do, like protecting children from measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, etc., and protecting us all from the flu. Usually this is where I show a film to my audience (Vaccines: The Hidden Truth), an oldie but a goodie with many doctors and researchers who have devoted their life to studying and evaluating vaccines.

You might want to sit down for this one, but guess what … childhood diseases are there for children to catch. Yes, as children, these diseases are not deadly, they actually build the immune system and provide protection later in life when a child grows to an adult.

As one researcher said, “Why would you want to rob children of all these benefits?”

My belief: the health care industry wants your kids to get sick.

Making money from illness is their business. Vaccines weaken the immune system, so vaccinating a child almost guarantees a lifetime of repeating sickness. Vaccine proponents will tell you vaccines have saved millions of lives in Africa. Yes, millions of Third-World babies get sick and die of diseases in Africa, but not because they weren’t vaccinated, but rather from poor nutrition, no sewerage, and contaminated water.

On the other hand, very few US babies die from the diseases vaccines address, and those that do have preexisting health problems. You might argue that studies show diseases have been reduced thanks to vaccines; however, studies present vaccine information in deceptive ways, hiding important facts that show diseases had declined long before vaccines were introduced (due to improved nutrition, better sewerage, and the availability of clean water).

Vaccines as the Cause of Diseases

The reality is that vaccines have actually caused huge outbreaks of diseases … the very diseases they were suppose to provide immunity to. Attenuated vaccines are even worse. They cause viral mutations, creating anomalies more virulent than Nature ever gave us.

These mutant strains crawl up olfactory pathways to the brain, causing encephalopathy (brain inflammation) for the lifetime of the host. But these “inconvenient facts” will never see the light of day in mainstream media or policies enacted through healthcare legislation, so you’ll need to read studies and dig through research on your own.

Unfortunately so many people have been dumbed-down by multiple vaccine assaults to their brain that the idea of doing their own research is almost comical if it weren’t so tragic, and you can be sure Pharma knows it too.

What About the Flu Shot?

Every year we’re hit with a barrage of commercials and promotions telling us to roll up our sleeves and get that shot. Most people don’t realize that the flu vaccines need to be prepared long before the flu virus strain is identified.

When flu season hits, the vaccine never matches the viral strain it was designed for, but that doesn't stop the media push for flu shot compliance. Flu shots have many of the same toxins I just mentioned, including a hefty dose of mercury to turn on the brain’s immune system, and exacerbate inflammation associated with many mental health problems, particularly depression, but also drug seeking behavior.

This is why telling the truth about vaccines is such an important component in the treatment of addictions and mental health disorders. Of course 12-step programs (95% of the programs in this country) never present these important life-altering facts. Whether they know it or not, they’re in league with the healthcare system in a big way.

You might ask, why does the government allow the Healthcare industry to continue propagandizing erroneous vaccine information on the population?

Well, who's money supports the government? Who lobbies the government to enact legislation that protects draconian healthcare policies? Who profits from vaccines. Sorry to say but the answer is pharmaceutical companies (manufacturers of vaccines), and by association, our government. Sickness is big business. But vaccines are only the primer.

Sure they put a few billion in Big Pharma’s pocket, but that’s just chump change. Big payoffs comes later, as you will see in part II.