It may seem incredulous that someone working in the alcohol/drug treatment business could make sense out of a complex behemoth like health care industry, yet this is precisely the case. Many groups I present explore seemingly unrelated subjects that fit together like a puzzle. Once assembled, the puzzle reveals a truth about healthcare I’d like to impart in a series of papers I call …

Finding the Truth in the Blueprint of Life (Part 2) 
(How to survive in a country that peddles sickness)

Mark Mathews, MA, LADC

Before proceeding, let me just do a quick recap of part 1. I lay the foundation for understanding vaccinations as the first step in creating a lifetime customer for a plethora of healthcare concoctions Big Pharma peddles to the American public under the guise of “good medicine.”

Vaccine proponents will try and scare you into thinking human beings will perish without vaccines. Nothing could be more absurd.

In reality, without vaccines: 

  • The health and function of the brain (for the lifetime of that person) will be much more bright and stable
  • Mom and dad will spend a lot less time at the doctors office for the many illnesses vaccines cause by destroying their child’s immune system
  • Medical bills for childhood illnesses will be significantly lower (naturally).
  • The IQ of population will be higher, since the brain will not be in constant reaction from all the toxic metals vaccines contain
  • The overall health and quality of life will be better for everyone

All of the benefits of not getting vaccinated displease the powers who control our healthcare industry

These people include top executives in the pharmaceutical industry, unscrupulous government agencies who profit from Big Pharma’s policies (e.g., the FDA, CDC), members of congress who take money from the pharmaceutical industry, and of course confused doctors, who’ve been educated at universities funded by drug companies).

As I previously stated:

the healthcare industry is not about promoting health, it’s about profiting from illness, encouraging things that induce illness, and suppressing things that promote health … and that especially includes knowledge of the truth.

Okay, part 2

Let’s say you follow your doctor’s advice and get your kid immunized. Expect adverse reactions within a few days/weeks. While I don’t guarantee the onset of full blown autism, the chance of “autism light,” what doctors call “on the spectrum” is a strong possibility. Watch how your vaccinated child reacts to a vaccination.

Many changes in a child's demeanor may occur:

  • crying (unusual prolonged crying or whimpering), fever
  • headaches
  • isolation or a resistance to human interaction
  • a backslide in cognitive awareness and playfulness
  • subtle personality changes only a parent can recognize

What you are witnessing is the brain’s reaction to a sublethal assault of toxins delivered by the vaccine. You may be tempted to give Tylenol or aspirin, to help reduce the child’s fever or general pain. Don’t! Interactions between acetaminophen (tylenol) and the components in vaccines exacerbate brain damage and increase the chance for autism.

Should symptoms become too severe, a trip to the doctor may be warranted. After a careful examination, the doctor will provide you with two things: assurances that the vaccine had nothing to do with your child’s symptoms, and a prescription for an antibiotic.

It’s the antibiotic you need to pay attention to

A new emerging branch of medical science is starting to comprehend the complex importance of the human-biome (i.e.,the micro-ecosystem that supports our many complex metabolic systems).

The next time you look at yourself in the mirror, consider this: less than one-tenth of what you see is you, the rest is an amalgamation of trillions of bacteria, yeast, viruses, and microorganisms. We coexist with them in a symbiotic relationship that insures our survival. Without them, there would be no you!

Unique genetics gives these microorganisms abilities beyond our own (e.g., allow them to code for enzymes needed to convert energy from food). Scientists can now correlate many modern-day health problems with the loss of important bacterial strains needed to support life-giving metabolic functions. The source of our sick population is becoming more clear.

So where did they go?

There are many suspects, from GMO foods, to a gamut of chemicals that have been introduced into our foods and environment. But the top villain in this unfortunate saga is antibiotics. For most people, the term bacteria has a bad connotation.

Although some bacteria is pathogenic, most is beneficial. In fact, beneficial bacteria is our immune system’s most powerful ally. Life begins with a naive immune system. It develops a complex defense network by accumulating many bacteria strains along our life’s journey. The first one might be thought of as our first birthday present, presented as we pass through the birth canal, more protection is transferred suckling at our mother’s breast, than being picked up and handled by the relatives, a lick by the family dog, crawling around on the floor, playing in the dirt, eating varieties of food and dirt.

The accumulation of bacteria we build gradually produces a highly intelligent system with an innate wisdom to decipher good bugs from bad ones to keep us healthy. Isn’t life amazing? The most crucial time of this process is during our first few year’s of life, when the immune system is still forming. If at all possible, nothing should be done to hinder this process. A strong immune system will protect us from pathogens we’ll encounter throughout our lifetime.

Unfortunately, vaccinated infants and children who respond unfavorably to a shot (a common occurrence), often end up back at the doctor’s office where they get a real bum deal. You see, after vaccinations, a pediatric doctor’s favorite thing is antibiotics. But antibiotics don’t discriminate between good bacteria and bad bacteria. Giving antibiotics to an infant is like throwing a bomb in their belly.

Nevertheless, the scenario gets played out many times, and probably without any parental awareness of how their poor kid’s long-term health is being screwed. Keep in mind, the whole dilemma is iatrogenic (i.e., illness caused by the treatment). Pharma can’t lose, in fact they’re delighted, your kid’s misery is their bread and butter.

So what do you do?

The kid’s brain has already been dumbed-down with a vaccine assault, now Pharma wants to take out the immune system as well. To be honest, I don’t know. This is what they call being between rock and a hard place. As you may know, a fever that goes too high can cause permanent brain damage, so given the choice, I’d opt for the antibiotics.

But as a side note, I’m told that I had pneumonia with a dangerously high fever as a infant. Rather than give antibiotics, my parents plunged me into a bathtub of cold water to bring my temperature down. I guess it worked, I don’t remember much about it, but I’m glad to have been spared the antibiotics.

Given a choice, however, I believe most people will go for the antibiotics, so keep this in mind. Probiotics should be taken at the other end of the day when taking antibiotics. They may not compensate for all the strains of beneficial bacteria killed off with antibiotics, but they will help to preserve much of the immune system.

Unfortunately, doctors rarely tell their patients to take probiotics, so unless you’ve got a progressive doc, you probably wont hear it either.

Personally, I think the probiotics should be covered by insurance and included automatically when antibiotics are prescribed, but of course that would conflict with the primary mandate of the healthcare industry.

So, if you're the average American who follows their doctors advice and the recommendations of the CDC, and you got your kid vaccinated (part 1); and you’ve returned to the doctor to get some antibiotics (part 2) … what comes next.

See you in Part 3.