Welcome to part 3, but, first a quick recap.

Part 1 
Lays the foundation for understanding vaccinations as the first step for inducing an aggressive immune response that burns out the brain, and triggers other autoimmune effects that bring us to … Part Two.

Part 2 
Explores the consequences of antibiotics (prescribed early in life) to counter the adverse effects of vaccines. Antibiotics destroy the gut’s bio-ecosystem, crucial for supporting immune system functions. Taking antibiotics, especially early in life, causes long-term damage to health and susceptibility to a lifetime of breaking down and getting sick, which brings us to … Part Three.

Part 3 
Actually begins with psychiatry, a misunderstood branch of medicine. Psychiatry is a pseudo-science made up of doctors who function primarily as shills for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The field of psychiatry is basically owned by the pharmaceutical industry. Most psychiatrists have no idea how life works, or how to support life with the real chemicals we run on. Their forte is matching drugs to symptoms, which, when you think about it, is a strategy for perpetual illness, which is exactly what Pharma wants and our country has.

Pseudo-science may sound a little harsh, so I’ll explain.

Psychiatrist’s do NO lab tests to find the underlying cause of mental health issues. None. Zero. Zip. Instead, they offer psychometric tests, (i.e., questionnaires asking people to describe their symptoms).

Then, based on a patient’s answers, a psychiatrist (intuitively) makes his/her diagnosis, which invariably includes a drug … an addictive, high powered, brain altering drug. The word “orthomolecular” is not in their vocabulary because psychiatrist don’t deal in the real substances that support life.

As I said, they do not understand how life works. They are only schooled in Pharma’s lessons: prescribing drugs, or perhaps the occasional lobotomy, or if you want to run some heavy duty voltage though the brain, there’s always Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), but for the most part, drugs rule.

There are many drugs to choose from for the plethora of symptoms people describe to their doctors. This means many psycho-variables are considered in making a diagnosis. You’ll find them in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), a book of standard classifications for mental disorders written and used by psychiatrists.

That’s right, psychiatrist’s wrote this volume to coordinate just about any mental health diagnosis with a pharmaceutical solution. It’s so bias, it’s almost comical until you realize that the DSM-IV is considered the bible of mental health disorders recognized by the insurance companies that pay for all the drugs psychiatrists prescribe. No doubt the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies are in cahoots. I can’t prove it, but the circumstantial evidence is undeniable.

Anyway, ongoing checkups with a doctor, repeated vaccinations, and repeated courses of antibiotics, will initiate and exacerbate the symptoms (disorders) described in the DMS-IV (they are the actual cause of these problems, not the absence of a drug).

Keep in mind, with every succeeding generation, more vaccinations are developed and given at younger ages (even to infants) under the auspices of healthcare. This scheme guarantees greater damage to a child’s central nervous system before they can fully develop. You may wonder if they’ll ever develop to their full potential, I would say it is unlikely and improbable.

Vaccinations, and repeated courses of antibiotics are the actual cause of the disorders described in the DMS-IV, not the absence of a drug. However, a generation of kids introduced to pharmaceuticals before their brain has fully developed, and their immune system has matured may develop into a generation of drug addicts and mentally challenged weirdos.

If you’re old enough to remember what America was once like before Big Pharma took control, you know what I’m talking about, and unless something is done to change the damage being caused by the healthcare industry, I expect upcoming generations to only get worse.

Can a person whose brain and biochemistry has been altered by immunization shots, antibiotics, and drugs ever reach their full potential? Can they ever be normal (whatever that is)? Can they ever know a life free from drugs? These are good questions for the Creator, if I see Him, I’ll be sure to ask.

The basic problem with the medical minds guiding our country’s healthcare policies is that they serve Pharma’s interests. They steer the population’s health problems towards toximolecular approaches that only mask symptoms and make us sicker.

Pharma makes the vaccines, Pharma makes the antibiotics. Pharma makes the drugs used to treat mental health disorders and addictions, and Pharma promotes the illogical/ineffectual treatment protocols (like the12-steps) to market their poison and keep people away from the help they need to repair their brain, stabilize, and recover whatever is left of their sanity to recover.

People going for addiction and mental health treatment only get two things today: therapy (talk) and pharmaceuticals (drugs).

The cost is incalculable.

But there’s another choice. Rather than marching to Pharma’s drum, we could try following the Creators blueprint of life. We could embrace orthomolecular medicine. That’s how I found the truth, working at a clinic that delivers wellness by following the Creators blueprint-of-life, and following orthomolecular protocols that deliver molecules needed to support life, not toximolecular drugs.

If you wish to solve the underlying cause of a mental disorder or addiction, you’ll need the real chemicals life runs on (Nature’s chemicals). Unfortunately, places that promote this approach to treatment are rare.

Please take some time to look over HRC’s website. I think you’ll find it refreshingly honest and logical. Now, if you haven’t already, I would invite you to read the excellent paper written by Joan Mathews-Larson called How Treatment Programs “Sell-Out” Their Clients.

All the Best, Mark