Healthcare: A New Paradigm For Wellness

Healthcare issues plaguing our country have been prominently featured in mainstream media recently.

Certainly President Trump used the controversy to his advantage when he promised the American people more than he could deliver. For the tooth-fairy faithful, Trump’s bait was irresistible, although the outcome (for the rest of us) was predictable.

Nevertheless, despite Trump’s failure, the Affordable Health Care Act worked out by the previous administration wasn’t so great either; in fact, if people had been content with the status quo, Mr. Trump could not have played America’s chumps the way he did. But that ship has sailed, and today we find our healthcare dilemma no better, with our country still in decline, both in health and treasure.

If history teaches anything, it shows our government, from both sides of the aisle, is inadequate to the problem. Sadly, it is clear that many more people will have to die before America’s healthcare problems are resolved, and they never will resolve until we face this problem with a different tact.

The time has come for a new paradigm to meet the challenges of our sick population

The conversation has always focused on money: who’s going to pay how much … what will be covered, etc., and indeed these issues are important, but more important is the need to reduce the demand for healthcare services at the source.

What I mean is why!

Why is the health of the country in need of so much care (i.e., why are we so sick)? As a country (<4% of the world population) the USA is prescribed more psychiatric drugs than the rest of the world combined.

Some will argue that’s because we are sicker than the rest of the world, but I say that’s why we are sicker than the rest of the world.

The healthcare policies of our nation have been dictated by an industry that thrives on sickness. The pharmaceutical industry funds our medical schools, teaching doctors how to practice medicine; they influence our government, lobbying for draconian policies like mandatory vaccines (that use their products); they suppress new ideas for treating cancer that might reduce demand their chemotherapeutic poisons; they’ve even infiltrated the treatment industry where they now promote psychiatric drugs to people who are trying to get off drugs. They suppress preventative protocols at every turn with bias interference through the FDA, a government agency headed by former pharmaceutical executives to monitor the pharmaceutical industry.

In short, the policies and bias infrastructure of our medical industry are so corrupt that our country can no longer support the draconian policies it uses to profit from them. So effective have pharmaceutical companies become at promoting and capitalizing on sickness that the wealth of the wealthiest country on the planet, can no longer match the burden of sickness it has fostered.

It is time for a new paradigm, a paradigm of wellness

Changing the country’s concept of healthcare to encourage wellness rather than sickness sounds easy, but the most difficult obstacle to overcome is ignorance. Keep in mind, what people think they know about health is based on distorted ideas promoted by an industry that thrives on sickness, and they are not going to just go quietly into the night.

Here’s what I mean

The industry of sickness attacks our most vulnerable population right after birth. Vaccinations are the first step to establishing a lifelong customer dependent on their services. The overuse of antibiotics, stimulated by vaccinations is the next step, then come the drugs and/or possibly invasive surgeries to remove organs inflamed by the autoimmune responses triggered by earlier protocols promoted by the industry of sickness.

In time other other medical protocols may be required to slowly distort, irradiate, and/or cut out body parts. And the price tag is enormous. A new paradigm for an industry of wellness will not promote vaccinations, at least until a child’s immune system has had a few years to mature. Alternatively, the emphasis will be on building a strong immune system, the opposite of vaccines’ effects.

In addition, an industry of wellness will promote knowledge that promotes health with orthomolecular (correct chemical) tools.

Orthomolecular medicine is the study of how life works, what we run on, how to enhance wellbeing and realize optimum health. Orthomolecular ideas are the backbone of wellness, and the opposite of what our current industry of sickness teaches doctors: how to poison and short-circuit body systems with drugs, surgically removing enflamed organs and tissues, and radiating tissues to destroy cellular mutations, without explaining the underlying mechanism that causes anomalies.

Conversely, the industry of wellness is concerned with cause, finding problems, treating them, and preventing them. The industry of sickness is not concerned with cause. Their emphasis is on effects/symptoms, how to numb patients so the underlying damage may continue without being felt.

Going hand in hand with the new paradigm are foods that promote health. Chemical additives in our foods and environment need to be honestly appraised for their deleterious effects on health, and then eliminated whenever, and wherever possible.

Obviously there are many areas that need attention to create and restore wellness in people. The challenge before us may seem overwhelming, perhaps daunting, but it is a way out of the healthcare dilemma, which is slowly destroying our standard of living, and indeed our very lives.

The choice is clear: continue passing our health and treasure to the industry of sickness, or take back the God-given right to be free and healthy and help usher in a new industry of wellness.