In the seventies, in the USA, the statistics for autism in the USA were about one in 2,500. Today’s US research shows one in every 30 boys born will be autistic (slightly less for girls) if they had been vaccinated for measles, etc. as babies.

For 38 years my business, Health Recovery Center, has been licensed to treat addictions in people worldwide, and we have noticed that certain groups (i.e., Amish communities) do not want, nor get vaccinations for their children … and in the 37+ years we have treated them, there have been NO autistic children in their communities (The Amish believe vaccines result in a high occurrence of autism in youngsters who get such vaccinations).

In addition, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, MD is the English surgeon your article mentions who noticed similar brain, intestinal, and autistic damage in many English children who needed his medical services (operating on their intentional tracts). The in-common link was that these children had all been vaccinated for measles as babies.

My question is, “If you were a new parent whose pediatrician wants you to vaccinate your newborn baby for measles, How would you reply?”