A Health Recovery Center graduate’s testimonial

I drink. Every day. Start rather early in the morning. I’m thirsty. Therefore, I stop at the liquor store a few times a day. I work. Full–time. Own and operate a successful business. Enjoy a lovely wife and two kids. I can do my life and drink.

Until the negative consequences start to show up. I know them well. I’ve been here before. Twice. I did an outpatient treatment to satisfy the courts. Years later I tried an inpatient, extended program. I’m off the alcohol till I’m not. The beverage is back. Why? 

I ask, what really drives my desire for alcohol? What does it help with? What’s underneath? 

I search for answers. Question treatment models. 

In my search I find Health Recovery Center. Stats are good on recovery rates. I’m intrigued by the biochemical approach. Looking at addiction through the lens of the physical body makes sense. Besides, I’ve spent nearly 10 years trying to understand nutrition, what to eat. What not to eat.  

What I do know is this:
Being busy = eating McDonalds = death. Not a long-term solution to hunger. Health Recovery Center has answers to my thirst for alcohol and hunger for McDonalds. Yes, there is a connection.

Here’s the truth about my desire for alcohol: 
I’m just trying to feel better. Solve a problem. It took Health Recovery Center for me to discover what the real problem was, or a major component.

It’s got a name: 
Hypoglycemia. My thirst for alcohol was really my body’s thirst for glucose (blood sugar). Alcohol worked. It’s like mainlining sugar. Immediate gratification. And the damage is serious. 

So perhaps instead of an alcoholic I am a hypoglycemic? But let’s just drop all labels.

I didn’t feel I was an alcoholic. I don’t like labels. Labels that serve as an identity especially piss me off. I’m a human being. Period. My struggles and behaviors will never define me. But I digress.

I learn that glucose fuels the brain. And I needed my brain fed for me to work. 
I was simply feeding my body’s craving for sugar with alcohol. And the simple white bun of my McDonald’s hamburger with fries and corn syrup based ketchup also served as fuel. Changing my fuel sources became the key to ending my cravings and putting my body on the path to true healing. My mind followed.

Switching to organic vegetables, fruit and meats not only eliminated my cravings for alcohol it transformed my thinking. Let me not forget to mention kicking sugar out of my diet equaled dropping 10 pounds and ended the daily highs and lows. Getting off the sugar teeter-totter, brought balance to my mood. And yes, my family is happier!

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Health Recovery Center’s education tells the truth. It works. I’m no longer thirsty. Today, I crave feeling great.