Picking Out a Treatment Center?

Read a few (unedited) comments from Health Recovery Center graduates.

“My anxiety and depression were so miserable and now are so manageable with the diet and tools. What huge improvement. I never imagined life as being as manageable as it is today. O rate it (Health Recovery’s program) 110% in value. It exceeded my expectations and then some.” —Sydney.

“I recommend HRC to others seeking treatment for chemical dependency or other mental health issues: 1000%.” Combining biochemical restoration with emotional therapy is the only thing that has worked for me. It works!” —Jeff.

“I recommend Health Recovery Center to others seeking treatment for addictions 100% over the other treatment centers I was in.” —James

“I am no longer being beholden to alcohol to alleviate my anxiety, panic, and depression. The feelings of dread and fear have subsided. The biochemical component has done the most to repair me.” —Victoria

“This is the only treatment program that addresses the whole person with real solutions.” —Tessa

“I have no desire for alcohol. My mind is clearer. I lost 15 pounds, my attitude and outlook towards life is my better than six weeks ago. Combining biochemical repair with therapy is the only way … you can’t accomplish one without the other. Without the nutrients, IVs, etc. I would not have the healthy sobriety I do now.” —Mike

“My brain is feeling physically great, on fire , in a goal setting mood, calm, and my energy is amazing!” p.s. “It’s the most effective rehab journey I have ever taken! I will talk to everyone I know about this stuff.” —Joel