Repairing the Biochemical Brain, Not Psychological Mind

Working as a treatment counselor in the field of toximolecular addictions (alcohol and drugs) I recognize the dilemma people face when selecting a program to recover from the progressive deterioration of an addiction, or to put it another way, when your life falling apart, who ya gonna call? The goal is, of course: “Recovery,” Now there’s a word! Although it is no secret, some folks may not know that most treatment programs fail to deliver whatever they think that word means … Abstinence? Stability? Wellbeing? … dream on. The national recovery rates according to our government found over 90% had returned to drinking and drugging a year later.

The sea of confusion centered around toximolecular addictions (alcohol and drugs) has left a great many people disenchanted with the whole treatment industry, and it’s hard to blame them? Treatment has digressed into a money-making revolving door of nonsense. Consider what you get. Number one: therapy. Lots and lots of “talk” from a strangers who want to analyze you, and reshape your thinking and behavior … as if your mental attitude or your personality is the reason you choose alcohol/chemicals. WRONG! Science knows it’s the gradual altering of the brain from toximolecular chemicals that produces distortions in your behavior and attitudes.

Dr. George Valliant has spent his whole life in the field’s longest running study, to understand this very thing. He then went on to write a book called The Natural History of Alcoholism to share his findings: There is no such thing as an alcoholic personality, hence therapy alone is not a viable choice for treating the true cause of alcoholism or chemical addictions.

Sure, therapy can augment treatment as a way to integrate someone back into society and address the aftermath of psychological damage produced by a brain distorted by toximolecular chemicals, but contrary to all the college educated talking heads, therapy does not treat a biochemical addiction. A toximolecular chemical addiction refers to the ongoing need to support a state perpetuated by an imbalance of physical molecules. Therapy is just words, and words, no matter how inspirational, do not repair the chemical damage addictive substances cause. The only reason counselors are taught this nonsense (i.e. therapy is treatment) is to maintain a workforce needed to perpetuate the money-making revolving door where people seldom recover. Good for business, not so good for people.

But that’s not the whole enchilada. The treatment industry also dispenses psychiatric drugs, lots and lots of drugs to address depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability… the list goes on and on. The range of possibilities considered appropriate for prescribing psychiatric drugs to an alcoholic or addict can be found in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual-5 (DSM-5), psychiatry’s bible for diagnosing mental disorders. It is the reference guide insurance companies use to payout for drugs. The treatment industry refers to the marriage of therapy and drugs as Dual-Diagnosis. What a scam!

wapping out your primary addiction chemical(s) for new doctor prescribed toximolecular concoctions is not a good trade. Not just because I’ve seen hundreds of people who have been harmed by Big Pharma’s chemical garbage, but because psychiatric drugs, at best, elicit a positive response for only a short time (weeks, maybe months) and then … its back to alcohol or the primary chemical, with a new monkey on your back. Again, good for business (Big Pharma’s business) but not good for the patient. 

So, who can you call for real help?

First understand, the plain honest truth is depression, anxiety, and cravings are NOT diseases, they’re symptoms. Symptoms of underlying biochemical mistakes in chemistry brought on by either a shortage of important molecules in the brain/body, or an excess of toxic chemicals (most likely both). As I said before, these are chemical anomalies; they can’t be talked away. Introducing more toximolecular chemicals into the mix (in the form of psychiatric drugs) is not going to work either. The answer lies in testing to determine what is missing or out of balance… and thus what life-supporting chemicals need to be restored, and which toxic chemicals need to be removed, and then, getting down to the business of fixing it. Your best choice is Health Recovery Center. Read on …

For 45 years this has been an important part of Health Recovery center’s treatment. The result is 3/4 of all these clients recover and do not commit suicide. But US Government figures currently show 1 of every 4 who presently go through and complete treatment will commit suicide … usually after the first year after treats occurred.

Health Recovery Center has been in business since 1980 and in nearly 40 years, only once did a suicide occur, before treatment really got going. The client only had just begun the program before the full complement of biochemical anomalies had been identified and treated. For thousands of others, Health Recovery Center’s program is a life-saving experience that includes  medical appointments with extensive lab testing to identify underlying biochemical imbalances in brain and body systems causing alcohol cravings, anxiety, and depression etc. Health Recovery knows all of these problems are absolutely correctable with the proper biochemical repair, which is the foundation of our program.

I in 40 years Health Recovery Center has never had a graduate commit suicide. It is important to know that science defines alcoholism as biochemical, NOT psychological, and yet 98% of all treatment programs in the US only use a psychological model … aptly named 12-step treatment, named after a totally psycho/spiritual approach. It is also important to know that most insurance policies covering addition treatment DO cover some or most of the costs at Health Recovery Center. Thus, if you want fast permanent relief from cravings, pain, etc., the most successful approach is bio/psych/medical combination pioneered at Health Recovery Center. A combination of treatment that leads the world in successful recovery.

Call us for personalized help and read Dr. Mathews-Larson’s National Best-Seller Seven Weeks To Sobriety as well as Depression Free, Naturally. You are welcome to contact her at Health Recovery Center and she she will be happy to answer your questions.

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