© Reprinted with permission by Dr. Joan Mathews-Larson

Life is always a tradeoff: giving up what you like for something you want even more. Ridding yourself of roller coaster emotions is accomplished by trading in the refined sugars and caffeine in your diet. This sacrifice will pay enormous dividends in mental stability and increased energy.

You'll find your new diet (with modifications to suit you to a tee). Before you get on the bandwagon, I want to make it as easy as possible to succeed. The biggest stumbling block for sugarholics has always been the intense and very real cravings for sweets. This fact can sabotage all your plans unless these cravings are laid to rest. The HYPOGLYCEMIA FORMULA developed and used at Health Recovery Center can do this for you.

Glutamine: This is a fabulous amino acid when it comes to blocking sugar cravings. I call it "God's gift to Hypoglycemics" because in emergencies it can be absorbed directly into the blood stream, bypassing your intestinal tract. Relief from cravings comes swiftly by opening a capsule and dissolving it in your mouth under your tongue (it tastes mildly sweet.) Inside your brain, glutamine converts to glutamic acid, the only other source of glucose available to the brain. So it becomes a great alternative source of brain fuel that will stop cravings set off by glucose levels that are dropping too low. (Alcoholics using glutamine this way can and do successfully stop cravings for alcohol, which speaks loudly to these cravings having a hypoglycemic basis.)

Niacin (B3): This vitamin is essential for the regulation of blood sugar and the production of energy. Because niacin seems to lift the entire glucose curve, it stems the fall into insulin shock. "Time released" niacin avoids the uncomfortable flushing effect that occurs when straight niacin is used. Niacin is safe to take without medical supervision. However high doses may affect a damaged liver, so if your lab test or medical history shows liver function abnormalities, do not use niacin without medical monitoring.

Chromium: This mineral is essential for sugar metabolism. It helps to stabilize the glucose tolerance curve for both hypoglycemics and diabetics by raising levels that are too low and lowering diabetic range levels. Eating refined sugars forces a twenty percent increase in the loss of chromium from your body, depleting the stores needed to control abnormal glucose fluctuations. It is important to take a well-absorbed type of chromium such as reacted chromium, not inorganic chromium salts.

Magnesium: A double blind study done with hypoglycemics proved that 600 mg daily of magnesium stabilized blood sugar and blocked the plunge into a hypoglycemic state in all persons receiving this daily dose.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is magnificent against stress. The adrenal glands use large amounts for hormone production. Adrenal supplies of Vitamin C become severely depleted as a result of the overproduction of adrenalin needed to stop the disastrous drop in blood glucose. Adrenal exhaustion and ongoing anxiety develop as a result. We will talk about undoing this state in Section Five on Anxiety.

Pantothenic Acid (B5): This B vitamin is essential for restoring the adrenal gland hormones, always exhausted from coping with hypoglycemic ups and downs. Replacing lost pantothenic acid will help repair this damage and restore your natural buffer against stress.

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Why No Caffeine and Nicotine

I've rarely met a "practicing" hypoglycemic who doesn't cherish their pots of coffee. Younger people punctuate their day with Surge or Mountain Dew that combines a sugar blast with a caffeine fix. They have discovered that their blood sugar comes shooting up like a rocket, energizing them temporarily. Caffeine does this by stimulating your (overworked) adrenals to pump out adrenalin and release emergency sugar into your blood stream. Never mind that your real level of energy is nil. Build a quick chemical bonfire and create the illusion you have go-power. Continually doing this to your adrenals is akin to beating a dying horse. Adrenalin circulating in your blood stream makes you irritable, anxious, shaky and restless. Your heart may pound and you may even have panic attacks. Eventually the surge of energy is reduced to temporarily alleviating your ongoing fatigue.

Neal, a young carpenter whom I saw last year, told me no one cared to date him for long because of his wild bursts of temper and mood swings. He was drinking a six-pack of Mountain Dew on the job every day, and needed a pot of coffee every morning "to get going." After I convinced Neal to give up his "fix" of caffeine and follow a sugar free diet, his disposition slowly mellowed and his tremors and snappishness disappeared. No longer "wired" he has finally been able to sustain a caring relationship, and his life has turned around.

If you are drinking several cups of coffee or caffeinated colas daily don't try to stop cold turkey, or you will go into withdrawal from this addictive drug. You will get a powerful headache and feel listless and jumpy for days. The better approach is to cut your intake down each day over a week's period. Trade caffeine for herbal teas or just drink sparkling water with lime or lemon. Your reward for dumping caffeine will be evident in your energy levels and reduced sugar cravings.

Nicotine: Your Other Drug Addiction

Since nicotine is cured with three kinds of sugars: corn, beet and cane, you can see the link between hypoglycemia and nicotine addiction. You can temporarily raise your blood sugar by lighting up a cigarette. Nicotine has many health hazards, but keeping you hypoglycemic by adding one more source of sugar to your long list, should be the final straw! You can kick this habit, and you will. But don't attempt it immediately. Once you are off refined sugars and caffeine you will be ready for that last step. In Chapter Nine of Depression Free, Naturally I'll give you HRC’s "Smokers Formula" to reduce your cigarette cravings and increase your brain's calming waves much like cigarettes do. By that time your immune system and general health will be high enough to confront cigarettes and WIN.

©This short article comes to you through the courtesy of Joan Mathews-Larson whose best-selling books Seven Weeks to Sobriety and followup, Depression Free, Naturally lay out many physical anomalies rooted in chemistry, and correctable with proper nutrition and orthomolecular medicine. More information on Dr. Joan Mathews-Larson, her clinic Health Recovery Center and the supplements/formulas she uses to address the addictions and mental health issues can be found in her books.