Do I Have an Alcohol Problem?

Addiction recovery looks different for everyone because of how alcoholism presents itself varies. Just ask an alcohol addiction treatment center.

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Common Misconceptions About Alcoholism

As a treatment center and place of addiction recovery, we share what we wish people knew about alcoholism before passing judgment on whom it affects.

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Lifestyle Changes to Assist with Alcoholism Recovery

No matter which treatment center you attend or addiction recovery route you take, parts of recovery are in your own hands. Make these lifestyle changes to assist in your recovery.

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Advising a Loved One to Seek Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism treatment programs are the best way to ensure recovery, but what do you do if your loved one won’t recognize their problem? Learn how to advise a loved one to go to a  rehabilitation center for alcoholism treatment.

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Why Choose Health Recovery Center for Your Alcohol Abuse Treatment

If you’re struggling with alcoholism, there is hope. Partnering with the right alcoholism treatment center is key. Click to learn how Health Recovery Center can get you the care you need.

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How to Support a Loved One With Alcoholism

Alcohol addiction treatment is most successful when the addict has a strong support system. Click to learn how to support your loved one with alcoholism from the experts at Health Recovery Center in Minnesota.

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Where Traditional Alcoholism Programs Fail, We Succeed

Approximately 88,000 adults die from alcohol-related causes annually, making it the third most preventable cause of death in the United States. Click to learn about our holistic approach to treating alcohol addiction and why our methods work.

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Opiate Addiction and Recovery

Because doctors often prescribe opiates to relieve pain, be that pain chronic or not, patients can easily become addicted to them due to their direct effect on the brain and their ability to induce feelings of well-being.

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Dealing With A Family Who Doesn’t Understand Mental Illness

Mental health rehab and mental health recovery hurt without a supportive family, but there are ways to cope.

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Depression Versus Bipolar Disorder

Learn from an addiction treatment center and mental health treatment center about two strikingly similar mental health disorders.

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Real People with Real Results

One thousand, Two Hundred and Ninety-Three days I have been sober thanks to HRC.

Best Regards,

- M.H.

I came into this program sick, broken, and much stressed! Hopeless!! I feel very confident in my future knowing I have the tools to live healthy physically and emotionally.


Thank you for your kindness, wisdom, and guidance for J. Especially for the extra effort, it appears to be working as he is sleeping better. He even said he had clarity this morning.

- G