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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Lift depression, end anxiety, stabilize mood swings and return to joy. Incorporating biochemical repair with therapy is the key to successful recovery.

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"The World’s First Orthomolecular-Based Addiction Treatment Center"
-Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD, the Father of Orthomolecular Medicine

Are You Looking For an Addiction Treatment Program That:

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Were your goals accomplished?
Yes. I was surprised on the difference nutrition made on my whole wellbeing and taking away my impulsive cravings.

What is the most significant change for you as a result of the program?
I noticed my physical and mental wellbeing improved greatly with nutrients and proper diet.

Please address the value (for you) of combining biochemical repair with emotional therapy.
The biochemical rehabilitation and emotional therapy were the perfect combination to pull me out of the fog and depression I was in.

Would you recommend Health Recovery Center to others seeking treatment for chemical dependency or mental health issues?
Yes. I would not only for chemical dependency and mental health, but also for recovering people who need a health lifestyle change.

- J.C.
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Physical Treatment

For a Physical Disease

DNA Strand Incorporating orthomolecular medicine into addiction treatment is the key to successful repair. Nobelist Dr. Linus Pauling coined the term “orthomolecular,” which he defines as “establishing the right molecules in the body/brain by varying the concentrations of substances normally present and required for optimum health.”

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Behind the Science

Dr. Joan Mathews-Larson

dr. joan mathews-larsonDr. Joan Mathews-Larson founded her unique psychobiological model for treating addictions and emotional disorders in 1981. The focus of her clinic, Health Recovery Center®, is to combine therapy with intervention at a molecular level to repair the biochemical damage that manifests as impaired mental functioning and behavior problems.

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