HRC Approach

The essence of HRC’s addiction treatment is to identify (once and for all) with labs the many possible biochemical mistakes that keep you craving, depressed, anxious, and needing a “fix” to feel better, and to correct these biochemical disruptions using the wealth of knowledge that orthomolecular medicine and holistic health treatment offer.

Is there an AA Component to Health Recovery Center?

We cannot see the value of a “searching moral inventory” for a disease of genetic physical origin. An attempt to make moral judgments about any behavior that is triggered by a physical disease is not 21st Century intelligence.

The 12-step, AA belief system is embraced by only three percent of U.S. alcoholics today according to their own figures*. Even those members have a hard time staying sober and feeling stable because NO repair has taken place for this physically caused disease! Alcoholics lose an average of 20 years of life, and government figures show that both drinking and abstinent alcoholics die at almost the same rate because treatment does not reverse physical damage.

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