Seven Weeks to Sobriety


Seven_Weeks_to_SobrietyWhen her teenage son committed suicide after completing a three-month alcohol rehabilitation program, Joan Mathews Larson turned her devastating loss into a search for answers. Why had conventional treatment failed her son? Why has understanding alcoholism as a disease become clearer, while advances in treatment have not? Through painstaking study, Dr. Larson found answers and initiated a revolutionary treatment program that has become one of the most successful models ever developed for this disease. Her findings are the basis for her best selling book, Seven Weeks to Sobriety, making it possible for millions to have access to this proven program.

The book’s breakthrough self-treatment program is designed to take an alcoholic from addiction to sobriety in just seven weeks. Based on the format developed at Health Recovery Center in Minneapolis, psychological problems (mood swings, anxiety, depression) are proved to be distortions of brain chemistry brought on by alcohol use or genetics; thus treatment involves stabilizing the brain at a molecular level by utilizing specific “biochemical repair.”

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