Health Recovery Center® combines medical science and therapy
to deliver a successful orthomolecular-based addiction treatment program

In alcohol and drug addictions, ongoing use alters brain chemistry causing distortions too great for willpower to control. Willpower cannot lift depression, or stop the cravings caused by chemical imbalances. Anxiety, irritability, mental confusion, and irrational thinking are caused by physical disruption to the brain and central nervous system. “Talk” cannot reverse these conditions, psychiatric drugs compound the problem, and many holistic adjuncts miss the essential point … biochemical repair must occur. This is the critical piece other drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs fail to provide. This is the heart of alcohol rehab and addiction treatment at Health Recovery Center.

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No other addiction treatment program
for drug & alcohol addiction comes close to the success
of Health Recovery Center

… Here’s Why

Incorporating orthomolecular medicine is the key to successful repair! Twenty-First Century science has established alcohol addiction as having its cause in chemistry not in personality. Since 1935, alcohol addiction treatment has tried, but failed to cure this physical disease by dwelling on “defects of character,” and a need to make a “searching moral inventory.” The recovery rates remain no better than those who stopped drinking on their own. A government study by The Rand Corporation showed a mere 10% of alcohol addiction programs were successful. Yet, after more than 50 years, over 95% of US addiction treatment programs still attempt to talk away this genetic physical disease. They review the effects that result in an altered brain, and counsel clients to change their mindset and behavior. But, Nobelist Dr. Linus Pauling warns, “The mind is a manifestation of the structure of the brain itself.”

The essence of HRC’s alcohol treatment is to identify (once and for all) with labs, the many possible biochemical mistakes that keep you craving, depressed, anxious, and needing a “fix” to feel better … and to correct these molecular mistakes using the wealth of knowledge that orthomolecular medicine offers.

“Providing the brain and body with the optimum concentrations
of natural substances that are normally present
restores stability and sanity.”
(Paraphrasing Dr. Linus Pauling)

Those of us who duplicate, as closely as possible, creation’s “Blueprint of Life” possess adequate amounts of these substances that run our brains, and produce ongoing feelings of joy and satisfaction; they have no need of swallowing drugs (street drugs or prescription medications) to feel better. This is the trade one hopes to make when buying “addiction treatment” for a drug or alcohol addiction: to be free of cravings, and any depression, or anxiety that keeps you looking for a fix.

Come into the 21st century……You are ill, but you can get well!

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