Holistic Addiction Treatment & Alcohol Recovery Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you are looking for a drug/alcohol treatment program that is more than a 12-step, psychological program, one that does not load clients up with psychiatric drugs to mask symptoms, but rather identifies and corrects the true physical underlying causes driving the addictions, along with the many uncomfortable mental states that result from this unbalanced biochemistry, congratulations. Health Recovery Center is the original, truly authentic orthomolecular program in the country that offers this treatment. Since our founding in 1981, Health Recovery Center’s addiction recovery program has produced the highest success rates for holistic drug treatment in the country. Anyone who would challenge this claim should produce his or her peer reviewed published study to prove it. Here is ours. Anyone claiming to have a program like ours, may have copied a few of our ideas taken from our founders best-selling books (Seven Weeks to Sobriety and Depression Free, Naturally), but it is the founder/director of our program who wrote the books!

We treat the physiology behind the behavior:

  • Alcohol Dependency
  • Street Drugs
  • Psychiatric Drugs
  • Emotional Disorders

Why Health Recovery Center?

The search for an authentic healing program that provides more than just abstinence can be frustrating. Abstinence from an addiction without physical repair of the underlying causes is abstinence without joy. According to U.S. Government figures, this incomplete treatment approach is the primary model given to 95% of the alcoholics and addicts who go to treatment; by the end of their first year most (80%) return to using. But Health Recovery Center provides a long-term solution for addictions following a blueprint to restore health and wellbeing without chemicals. We have heard many stories from clients who have wasted money and spent fruitless years in programs that were not what they represented themselves to be. Look at our peer reviewed study, read Joan Mathews-Larson’s books (Seven Weeks to Sobriety and Depression Free, Naturally), and judge for yourself. The authenticity of this program will come through, and you will not be disappointed.

Contact Health Recovery Center today at 800-554-9155 or email us at HRC@healthrecovery.com, a member of our staff is always available to help answer your addiction recovery center questions.

Treating half the problem is not the solution. We treat the physiology behind the behavior.